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It was interesting to learn that you can undergo a personality test just to get an understanding of yourself. Every person has specific doubts, and these uncertainties can shrug off when one understands himself or herself. Ii would take an example for how I have undergone multiple changes in my academic life. There are some points I wasnt aware that I was capable of, or how I would go about some issues. But at this time I came across several individuals, other professional psychologists, and counselors who listened to my problems and advised what I was capable of and what I was not. That was eye opening and improved my confidence to handle so many issues. In this class, I have another opportunity to understand my personality, what it is capable of and the overall impact on my person that is how I do my work, my leadership capabilities and so much more. I carried out a personality assessment, and the report below is giving some of the exciting findings I found out about myself.

My Results

The personality assessment reveals several traits about my personality. The evaluation at the end classified me as having a defender personality. People with this kind of personality exhibit specific traits. First, and which is very accurate is that I like spending time alone, in other words, I am an introvert. We like high privacy, and that is often done deliberately as we intentionally avoid people or large crowds. Any opportunity to spend time alone is always taken. People with this introvert trait do not have several friends. We maintain a small group of people whom we interact with, and even though we do that, it is not regularly.

However, there are more traits which the assessment revealed, which were the basis of assigning me the defender personality trait. Being realistic and practical in approach every issue is one of them. That is overall true; I have been approaching problems not just through general optimism, but in the most realistic way that is likely to deliver tangible results. That is demonstrated in the execution of my duties. I am not often likely to take up issues I have considered impossible to execute, or doing so just to impress someone. That makes me service oriented; another personality demonstrated in the assessment. It doesnt escape the fact that being realistic and practical need to be attentive to every detail, to understand issues to make a sound decision.

An assessment on how to develop my relationships both at work and outside, the evaluation noted I am caring and supportive. I just listen attentively to the issue and offer the necessary compassion support as required. It is unlikely that I would fail to attend and even to provide help where I can. It is imperative to note that as an introvert, we maintain a lean team of friends and family members, therefore are compassionate to almost everyone who reaches up to us. That makes it easy to have almost everyone viewing you as caring and compassionate. That trait may not be reflective in someone who is an extrovert, or someone who maintains a large circle of friends. Those individuals find it hard to meet the necessary requests of all their friends, and as such are not always caring and supportive as introverts.

I am also dependable and trustworthy. Even though the same assessment said that people with defender personality do procrastinate things, it also appreciated that when they get up to execute the tasks, they do it dexterously. We always feel the great responsibility placed on us whenever assigned tasks, and will do everything not just to finish it, but to do so in expected standards. Working is alone is the best environment for people like me. That way we do our best to deliver. That means we are also trustworthy, given we can accomplish tasks as instructed. However, we can do well in teams, but we feel frustrated when working with undedicated and uncommitted group mates. Often, and as I always do, we are forced to complete task meant for others just to ensure everything is in order. That notes we find it hard to stop doing something until it is done.

My Overall Leadership Style: Implications of My Style on Leadership

According to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test, everyone has a natural leadership style which corresponds to his personality test (Cohen, Ornoy, & Keren, 2013). The leadership style is determined by preferences in introversion versus extroversion, sensing versus intuition, thinking versus feeling, and judging versus perceiving. Id describe my leadership style based on the defender personality as a strategic leadership style. Strategic leadership style is one which involves a leader is at the helm but is not limited to whatever is at the top. The leader can execute duties even those below him/her, and facilitate the same through others all through the organization. Such leaders tend to be introverts, and task oriented. They dont interact with everyone unnecessarily but do so when there is sufficient need. In the workplace, they are ruthless in ensuring functions in the firm's objectives are executed diligently within the specified time. Strategic leaders are realistic and practical, they, therefore, think through their decisions before making them. The need to come up with some tangible results also makes them quite sensitive to issues, and do their judgment expeditiously to meet the goals of the organization.

The defender personality has multiple implications on strategic leadership. It promotes specific principals that are critical in the leadership style (Myers, & Myers, 2010). The defender personality ensures responsible distribution of their skills. These are people who work autonomously, and use multiple skills to facilitate their skills, or support others in doing so. A defender personality is a caring and supportive person. Therefore he should let power flow downwards to facilitate multiple functions. That empowers people all through the organizations to make decisions that would enable efficient business functions. The defender information facilities open and honest communication, which is critical in strategic leadership. A strategic leadership requires someone who can freely communicate with all employees through the organization, and that fits a person with a defender personality trait. My personality trait also makes it safe for employees to experiment with various ideas, and there is even room to accommodate failures without strong backlash. Other characteristics which have a significant impact on strategic leadership including providing more strategies and opportunities for everyone to continue advancing the goals of the organizations. That is enough demonstration that my personality trait has significant implications on the type of leader I can make, or I have gone before.

My Strengths and Weaknesses and Impacts on Those Who Report to Me

Everything has merits and demerits, including the leadership style which is supported by the specific personality trait identified through the assessment. Strengths are essential because they establish the leader one is, but weaknesses make one vulnerable to misuse (Vernon, 2014). For instance, being supportive is an essential strength of my personality and leadership style. Defenders are universally supportive, providing practical skills where needed, ideas and anything they can. In strategic leadership that is very important given it supports the subordinate staff, who may get the motivation to work harder, and improves their general productivity.

Defenders do not offer sporadic and excited rushes when making judgments. Instead, they are always careful and thoughtful while offering solutions (Wilson, Krause, Dingemanse, & Krause, 2013). These are individuals with a practical approach to issues. They can also be described as reliable and patient. It takes them a lot of careful consideration before they make any communication or act, and when they do, it happens exactly as planned. They ensure things are not just done to the required standard, but also exceeds the standards. Defenders are also imaginative and observant. They utilize that to develop empathy which is essential for their supportive behavior. However, all their imaginations are highly practical, which most people below them find fascinating and inspiring.

There is no personality with individuals as enthusiastic as the defenders (Whalen, & Gates, 2006). They are always full of energy when executing their duties. They happily engage anyone and even offer help as long as they understand that shall be a way to accomplish goals as planned. This is people who derive happiness from their job. If they are serving customers, they do it to the best of their ability, if they are leading people, it is to give them the most inspiring leaders. They are always happy whenever they see those below them happy. Their loyalty and hard work are also unquestionable. With time, their enthusiasm grows into allegiance. Multiple people exhibit the defender personality, and their commitment to what they do is just amazing. I have also been a beneficiary of this trait, and everything I do long enough, I just develop the urge and need to do it regularly. There is an internal urge to fulfill everything one starts, and anything short of that fails to meet the fundamental expectations. Finally, it becomes as an apparent strength that we have a bias on practical skills. Defenders do not do things in a vacuum, uncertain of where they are heading. Instead, they dedicate their efforts to what is within their abilities why the primary goals of delivering tangible results. That is an inspiration to the followers, who get not just the skills, but also the motivation to be practical.

However, defenders have their weaknesses as well. Taking things to personal is a significant weakness for people with the defender personality (Loehlin, 1982). These are individuals who will just go an extra mile to complete the task even under harsh conditions. Theirs is a drive to complete assigned tasks under whatever circumstances. Defenders also tend to repress their feelings. They are introverts who rarely engage people, and that means they can be sensitive. They can hide their beliefs even when dissatisfied t the workplace, and even continue and do the duties not assigned to them. Their personality trait also makes them shy and humble to everyone, something which may make them vulnerable to be misused by others. The concept of hiding too many feelings, and being task-oriented, may make defenders to overload themselves with responsibilities. That is further escalated by their strong sense of duty and the feelings that they have to deliver things flawlessly.

What surprised me About My Leadership?

I had overly underestimated my abilities before this assessment. I was just surprised from what I realized after taking it. I have only observed my strengths and weaknesses in an uncoordinated way, unable to link them together and place myself at some point. Whenever I thought about my leadership skills, I wouldnt reflect the many skills and traits I had that would make me such a good leader. However, the assessment also brought to my attention that I can make a good leader under specific styles only. It was exciting to learn, and research on the style.

Even more surprising was discovering the number of professions I can take with my personality. I had ruled out so many professions, but I have learned that I can do exemplary well in them. One of them is being a magistrate or judge. A job that needs strategic leadership to execute cases expeditiously and on time. It also requires people who know how to peruse through large files alone and come up with an outstanding and practical judgment. That professional is suitable in strategic leadership. Other professionals I discovered would fit my person...

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