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Stress can affect an individual in many areas of his or her life. It can adversely affect someones health to such an extent that it either causes death or is a major contributor of death. Stress can affect a person in numerous ways such as increasing wear and tear to internal organs and gradually wearing the immune system. It can adversely affect how someone relates with others and his normal functioning. It can drain an individuals vital feelings and result in a worn out feeling. This essay looks at how stress can change a persons life.

When a person is stressed, he or she will have a problem interacting with other people. This could be at home or in a workplace setting. Such an individual may be rude or aggressive to others as a way of letting out steam and frustrations. Also, the person may carry out his activities in an unorthodox way due to stress. Stressed people rarely do things the right way. They will always do something wrong in a way that makes their superiors at work, spouses or family members angry. In such situations, they can even lose their jobs and source of income; something that will significantly affect their lives. For instance, they may have a difficult time providing for their loved ones, leading to domestic spats and even divorce. All these events can significantly change someones life.

Another way that stress can change a persons life is through contacting stress-related diseases. A stressed person who is thinking too much is likely to suffer from diseases such as stomach ulcers. These ailments can cause discomfort and pain that can make someones life unpleasant. It can also take a financial toll on the person in terms of medical bills, especially if he or she does not have health insurance. Treating stress-related diseases can at times be costly because it does not just involve medication. The individual also has to undergo counseling and therapy from a qualified and experienced therapist; a situation that requires time and other resources. In addition, the person has to put a lot of effort to overcome the stress and its triggers.

Some psychologists may argue that stress does not necessarily change someones life since it can be managed. They are of the opinion that stress can be avoided and does not have to get in the way of someones life. While a stressed individual may go through an unpleasant time, there are ways to get rid of the stress. For instance, the individual may undergo counseling and therapy to minimize the stress or do away with it altogether. Also, the person may put some effort to figure out what is stressing him or her, and then find a way of dealing with it. This means he or she does not have to let stress interfere with day-to-day life and activities. As much as stress is unpleasant, there are ways of dealing with it in a way that it does not change someones life. Additional, stress is often a temporary condition that lasts just a short time. It will only affect the sufferer briefly before he or she finds a way to alleviate it. This means that it is unlikely that stress will alter someones life in a significant way.

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