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However during summer and winter months, it is important for one to stay alerted and for this to be done, all it takes is keeping an eye on the road and having in mind on the nature of the surrounding environment. During summer or even winter, it is important for one to make use of the hand free devices and turn off the cell phones while driving. Significantly, during summer and winter time the key to efficiency is driving safely although the safety precautions are somehow different. During winter period for one to drive safely, with my experience during the winter period, it is important for one to understand driving in an icy and snowy condition. This can be done through ensuring that the speed limit is reduced and having to coast with the foot on the brake pedal.

On the other hand, if one's state allows the use of chain on tires, this can be helpful in increasing friction on the road. During the summer period, it significant to keep an eye on the vehicle temperature, the vehicle should not go over speed to the point that allows overheating. Additionally, following the limit that is restricted by the speed, it should maintain the limit, and in the period of rainstorms, it is important to make sure that the speed is reduced and ensure that the windshield wipers and headlights are turned on. Lastly regardless of the season, one should take driving seriously, remaining alerted to other drivers and following the rules of the road to maintain good driving habits.

Letter of complaint


456 Sample Street

State, Zip, Town

August, 8th,2017

Re: Noise Disturbance

[email protected]


Mr. Ken Chandler

496 Waikiki Street

Town, Zip, State

Dear Mr. Chandler,

My name is Elvis King, working as one who is responsible for the general cleanliness of the environment in 465 North street with the additional responsibility of overseeing maintenance and repair. For the past two weeks, the section and the general environment that I have been taking care is experience poor lighting system. In the hallways, the section has been experiencing light out which when not controlled or even taken care of can lead to the accident which is not necessary and that is dangerous to the life of individuals who are staying around. Additionally, the dryers and the washers have been moving to the ground making them run slowly with the foyer paint chips peeling all over. This issue needs to be urgently addressed within this month, or else a complaint letter will be written to the owners of the structures to look into the matter.

I am hoping that this will be one-time occurrence since your skills and hard work in the past has been quite good, and something needs to be done to ensure efficiency in the environment. I appreciate your time and understanding on the current situation, and I am looking forward to a positive response.

Yours faithfully


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