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The study on gender equality in the workplace among the Hispanics is based on the feminist theory. It examines the fictional, philosophical and theoretical discourses in the society relating to gender (Culllen, 2014). This theory recognizes that there are gender inequality issues in the society brought forth by the traditional cultural and communal beliefs and practices. However, the theory observes that the inequalities are more turbulent on women. These inequalities on gender as so evident in the job market and the workplace where men enjoy a more conducive and reluctant workplace than women. The gender orientations at work are so unequal and oppress women and reducing them to be male servants.

The feminist theory postures four key tenets. Firstly it observes that men and women are equal and are entitled to equal right despite the physical anatomical differences between them. It also posits that sexual orientation and stereotypes favor men and boosts them to the various top and leadership positions. A third tenet of the theory states that the fulfillment of humans can only be evident when people stop to assume that the gender of a person determines their worth, creativity and talent development (Culllen, 2014). Lastly, the society needs to make transformational changes that are desirable by getting out of the gender inequality mindset. The society should acknowledge that women can perform equally to men.

Feminist Theory and Literature

There exists a substantial amount of literature based on the feminist theory. So many studies have been conducted on the inequality between women and women. Some date back to the World War II when women were primarily used by soldiers in the war as objects of entertainment (O'Dwyer and Bernauer, 2013). Even though women never took an active role in the fight, they were required to entertain the soldiers.

In their study on Organizational Theories and Analysis: A Feminist Perspective, Irefin Peace, Professor Ifah S and Doctor M. Bwala examine the nature and the types of inequalities that women face in the workplace (Irefin, Ifah, and Bwala, 2012). They focus on how cultural practices affect power relations, sexuality, and gender at the workplace. It also investigates how the theories and models in the organization examine inequalities.

The survey concludes that even though there are instances of gender inequalities at the workplaces, the management, models and theoretical frameworks of the organization neglect these facts (Irefin, Ifah, and Bwala, 2012). The management should focus on creating an enabling environment for women to grow without any bias. However, most organizations encourage inequality by giving more chances to men to access leadership and management positions as the neglect the abilities of women.

The Current Study and Feminism

The current investigation focuses on analyzing gender inequality at the workplace with a specific focus on the Hispanic women. The study sought to establish whether these women enjoy their work and if they have the same cultural values (O'Dwyer and Bernauer, 2013). It seeks to highlight the challenges that Hispanic women face and the causes of these challenges. It also looks at the cultural values and how they affect the workplace.

The study notes that indeed Hispanic women often face challenges at the workplace and cannot behave freely like their male counterparts. These women still various cultural challenges that impose some restrictions on the female gender (Culllen, 2014). A review of the theories underlying this study shows that there is a general disparity in access to opportunities for men and women. While men can easily access jobs, women struggle in the job market since most of the structures and policies in place in these labor industries favor men as compared to women. This is the primary cause of the inequalities at the workplaces where the number of men is far much higher than that of women.

The review notes that even though there are minor differences between the abilities of men and women to work, most employers prefer working with men more than women. The negotiations for gender equality are therefore rendered fruitless given the current thinking mentality in the society (Irefin, Ifah, and Bwala, 2012). This examination is however limited by its scope which only focuses on Hispanic women unlike having a wider view of the society to include women from all races. The study was also conducted only in limited area and a short time span which makes the conclusion of the study limited.

It is important that research studies should contribute significantly to a given theory and have a scientific merit (O'Dwyer and Bernauer, 2013). As times and events change, the established theories may be rendered obsolete or may still be thought to exist when they have actually been overtaken by events. It is, therefore, necessary to update them by integrating them with the current investigations. It also builds the existing literature on a given field and other scholars may use the research as a source of their literature.


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