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Various sites offer job seeking opportunities. Modern technology has improved means and ways for seeking job vacancies. One of the primary site that provides such service is the . The section provides the information required in finding job opportunities as well as describes the actual requirements for the same. In my research work, I found out that the reference is much keen on defining the roles of the post as advertised. In the research, the chosen reference provides detailed information on the positions of the sales manager in a business organization as well as roles and responsibilities of the other posts as related to business management. Additionally, the reference site is worldly known to update individuals on the readily available vacancies or rather the job opportunities that are yet to be advertised.

Similarly, there is the need for one to research the payments of a sales manager before applying or rather taking that job. In many business organizations, companies ought to advertise payments for their workers before hiring them. The outlining of salary for the employees provide the terms of amount and even the period of payment thus promoting the good relationship between the employer and the employee. In my research, the provided the best reference site for payment terms and conditions as well as the suitable salary for a sales manager. The reference provided for the salaries and terms under which a worker should be paid full salary. Equally, the reference site spells the reasons why a sales manager should be paid a higher wage than other workers in the business organization. I thus chose the site to get precise information on the payment and the conditions.

In my experience at a time I was a Human Resource Manager, I have gained much experience in the field of managing the executive organization of the company. Through managing the employee relationship, I have learned enough experience to handle and controlled the area of management as a sales manager. Therefore, as a sales person or rather a sales manager, I will best perform the function of selection, training and control the sales personnel in the better interest of the business organization. I will bring some skills to the position of a sales manager. I will improve the administration skills through the consideration of record keeping as well as paperwork. I will also monitor well the activities of the sales department hence improving record keeping. I will enhance administration through directing and providing proper incentives to various departments to ensure active duty performing.

In my research, I discovered that the sales manager is paid an average salary of $40, 000 per month. I expected a range of between $40,000-50000 which is equally lovely as a manager ( I surprised to discover that a sales manager has many allowances as compared to a Human Resource Manager. In my knowledge, I knew that a Human Resource Manager has the great role to play in a business organization. However, I was surprised to learn that a sales manager is as well ranked at the top position of the company. There are various allowances enjoyed by sales manage that attracted me to take this job. Similarly, many organizations value a sales manager as he is a judge of sales administration.

In the sources provided, I did not find out on how a sales manager ensures a long-term customer relationship. In my expectations, I expected to find research or rather the outlines on how the manager ensures a relationship between the organization and the customer is maintained to achieve the targeted goals of the enterprise. On a similar note, the sources could have outlined on how the sales manager should help improve the coordination and effectiveness of various heads of departments. Thus, the sources did not offer quality information about the researched position of a sales manager. However, as far as research on jobs is concerned, I will have to use the Business Offer Job site to gather more information about the post of a sales manager. I will also consider using internet sources as well as business books that deal with different managerial posts to gather information about a sales manager.

As discussed above, I will best improve the administration and record keeping sectors as a sales manager. Similarly, the as a Human Resource Manager, I have been prepared enough for a lot of experience to deliver and administer various functions as a sales manager. The two sources have majorly helped to outline multiple features of a sales manager as well as the estimated salary of a sales manager. Through my own experience, I will also ensure multiple departments are much responsible and efficient when it comes to record keeping and effectiveness in the sales and product marketing. Equally, the site has helped in the update of requirements and skills for one to be regarded as a sales manager in a business organization.


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