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Provincial Prisons, $200,000

2003: OHTN Project Funding, The Impact and Accessibility of Communities and Prison Services for Male Prisoners in Ontario: Protocol Development, $15,000

Research Experience Unlocking Our Futures: A National Study of Women, Prisons, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C



Conducting qualitative interviews of women in prisons across Canada.

Assisting with ethics board approval at Dalhousie University and Correctional Service Canada.

Reviewing and compiling data.


Engaged in the Hard Time project: Promoting HIV and Hepatitis C Prevention Programming for Prisoners in Canada project. The project involved the coordination of an advisory board and interviews with over 60 prisoners, correctional staff, and community members across Canada. I coordinated the advisory board, arranged and conducted interviews and engaged in the compilation of data.

Coordinated a research project in collaboration with University of Toronto, South Riverdale Community Health Center, Street Health, and Ontario HIV/AIDS Treatment Network.

I coordinated the advisory board, arranged and conducted interviews and engaged in the compilation of data.

Trained the health outreach workers. The activity involved coordinating and developing the Health Outreach Worker (HOW) Project at South Riverdale Community Health Center. I took part in creating the outreach strategy, interview questions, and internal policies, and practices, presentations in addition to supporting the advisory board throughout the project.

Oct 2011

Marilyn Waring, Robert Carr, Anit Mukherjee, Meena Shivdas Who Cares? The Economics of Dignity. Commonwealth Secretariat.


Research Interviewer


Feb 2017- June 2017

Center for Indigegogy

Research Assistant


Sept 2007 April 2009

Community Policing, York University

Teaching Assistant

Academic Conference Organizing


I coordinated the International Conference on Penal Abolition that was held in the year 2000. It involved more than four hundred and fifty individuals from twenty different countries.

Professional Experience March 2017-Present

Centre for Indigegogy

Laurier University, Kitchener, ON


Provision of administrative assistance to Director for the Centre for Indigegogy including: module schedule, budget, invoices, managing registrations and database compilation.

Coordination of Centre for Indigegogy that includes; arranging logistics, assisting faculty, preparing reports, and developing the evaluation process

Coordination of Centre Development that includes designing logo, creating the marketing strategies, facilitating communication, and branding.

Recruitment: developing recruitment strategy for the Centre, developing promotional materials, presentations, and disseminating information.

Jan 2017 June 2017

Ontario Indian Residential Support Services

London, ON


Provided a holistic support for Residential School Survivors.

Wrote funding proposals for support group activities.

Prepared and presented workshops on Coping Skills for Residential School Survivors.

Organized monthly meetings for Residential School Survivors.

Nov 2016 March 2018

Walls 2 Bridges

London, ON


Assisted criminalized women in creating a non-profit organization.

Facilitated meetings for criminalized women to develop programming, policies, board recruitment and non-profit, charitable status.

Researched funding opportunities.

Assisted in the development of mission statement, goals and vision.

June 2011 Sept. 2011

Redemption Inc.

Proper Television on behalf of Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)


Assisted in the selection of 10 participants for a reality television show by conducting informal mental health and addiction evaluations.

Supported participants through the reality television show by acting as an advocate and counselor.

Managed the tension of group throughout filming and post production.

Sept 2008 April 2010

South Riverdale Community Health Center (COUNTERfit) Toronto, ON

Harm Reduction Training and Research Coordinator.


Trained people who use drugs to act in peer positions as counselors and support workers for other drug users.

Supervised, coordinated, scheduled and supported peers in their roles as counselors and support workers throughout the project.

Coordinated research project in collaboration with University of Toronto, South Riverdale Community Health Center, Street Health and Ontario HIV/AIDS Treatment Network.

Assisted in creating training manual, supervision forms, research tools, and reports for project.

Sept 2006 Jan 2009

Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network, Toronto, ON.

Policy Analyst.


Coordinated and co-authored two published policy documents relating to harm reduction programs in Canadian Prisons and developed an Inter-Sectoral Strategy on HIV/AIDS in Canadian Prisons.

Traveled across Canada interviewing prisoners, correctional staff and community members regarding best practice programming for harm reduction in prisons.

Mentored a federal prisoner in policy analysis and co-authored a strategy to address HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and co-infection within Canadian Prisons.

Nov 2000 August 2006

Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network, Toronto, ON

Federal Community Development Coordinator.


Developed programming for federal prisoners in Ontario with regards to HIV, HCV, and harm reduction.

Carried a caseload of 50 prisoners and provided counseling, support, and advocacy

Provided training for 35 volunteers in federal prisons across Ontario. Training included HIV/AIDS 101, harm reduction, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, etc.

Sept 2010 Present

Registered Psychotherapist

London, ON


Opened a private psychotherapy practice in London Ontario in September 2010.

Completed a concentration (thesis) on Working with Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners: Illuminating the Political, Cultural and Social World in the Therapeutic Space.

Trained as an EMDR therapist.

Volunteer one day a week at John Howard Society of London and District providing in depth psychotherapy to ex-prisoners (as it relates to family of origin work, addictions, anxiety, depression and re-offending) from September 2010 - 2012.

Provided clinical supervision to staff at John Howard Society, Victim Services at London Police Services, & Wilfrid Laurier Sexual Assault Services.

Volunteer Experience Sept 2010 - Present

Community Organizing in London Ontario


Founded community-based, volunteer coalition to create and host London's first (second and 3rd) Prisoners' Justice Film Festival. We worked with 18 different organizations with 40 volunteers to highlight the intersections between the Prison Industrial Complex and sex work, harm reduction/drug policy/HIV/AIDS, immigration/detention, Indigenous sovereignty/land defense, LGBTTQ2SII perspectives, Latin American prisoners, Palestinian liberation etc.

Coordinated numerous workshops, vigils and demonstrations on issues related to immigration detention, disability justice, deaths in custody, prisoners rights and queer and Trans-people in prison.

Volunteered for the Deshkan Ziibi Native Women's Association helping organize events (Diabetes Awareness, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, AGM, taking minutes and coordinating phone tree).

Volunteer History Sept 2011 2014: Deshkan Ziibi Native Women's AssociationSept 2010- 2012: Psychotherapist, John Howard Society of London, London, ONNov 2008 2010: Board of Directors, Rittenhouse: A New Vision, Toronto ONApril 2008 2012: Managerial Board, Journal of Prisoners on PrisonsSept 2006 2008: Prisoners Justice Action Committee, Toronto, ONJan 1998 2000: Circle of Support and Accountability

Publications Book Chapters

Dias, G. (2018). Revolution and Resurgence: Dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex through Black and Indigenous Solidarity. In Diverlus, R. & Ware, S.M. (Eds.). We Will Win: Blueprint for Black Liberation in Canada. Canada: University of Regina Press (forthcoming).

Free in Prison: The Life of Peter Collins. (2018). In Dias, G. Rusza, J., Goldberg, H. & Burton, N. (Eds.). Life and Death in Prison. Toronto: Ad Astra Comix (forthcoming).

Ware, S. M. & Dias, G. (2014). It Can't Be Fixed Because It's Not Broken. In Liat, B, Chapman, C. & Carey, A. C. (Eds.). Disability Incarcerated. Imprisonment and Disability in the United States and Canada. Palgrave: Palgrave Macmillan.

McIver, S. (2001). A Daughters Healing Journey. Medical Nightmares. Human Faces of Error, 204-211.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Rehman, Lorraine, Jacqueline Gahagan, Anne Marie DiCenso and Giselle Dias (2004). Harm Reduction and Women in the Canadian National Prison System: Policy or Practice? Women & Health, Volume 40 (4), Haworth Press Inc.

Dias, G. (2003). Canadas Drug Laws: Prohibition is Not the Answer. Perspectives on Canadian Drug Policy, 1, 7-23, John Howard Society of Canada.

Masters Research Review Papers

Dias, G. (2011). Working with Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners: Illuminating the Social, Political and Cultural World in the Therapeutic Space. Concentration for Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program, Toronto, ON.

Dias, G. (2010). Structural Violence and the Discourse on HIV/AIDS and Prisons: Implications for Policy Development. Masters Research Review Paper. York University, Department of Sociology, Toronto, ON.

Commissioned Reports & Papers

Dias, G. & Collins, P. (2009). Intersectoral Strategy to Address HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and Co-Infection in Ontario Prisons. PASAN, Toronto, ON.

Dias, G. & Betteridge, G. (2007). Hard Time: Promoting HIV and Hepatitis C Prevention Programming for Prisoners in Canada. Final Report by Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Toronto, ON.

DiCenso, A.M, Dias, G. & Gahagan, J. (2003). Unlocking Our Futures: A National Study on Women, Prisons, HIV and Hepatitis C. Prisoners HIV/AIDS Support Action Network, Toronto, ON.

Collins, P., Dias, G., Dickenson, M., Vidovich, L. & Lines, R. (2003). Driving the point Home: A Strategy for Safer Tattooing in Canadian Prisons. Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network, Toronto, ON.

Presentations and Workshops Guest Lecturer

November 8, 2017: Life and Death in Canadian Prisons. Presentation for Thanatology and Social Justice, Kings University, London, ON.

February 28th, 2017: Death and Dying in Prisons. Presentation for Thanatology and Social Justice, Kings University, London, ON.

September 15th, 2014: Community Organizing and Social Action. Presentation for Conflict Resolution and Social Action, Kings University, London, ON.

November 14th, 2011: Harm Redu...

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