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Did you always know you wanted to become an environmental police officer? No, because I did not know what the job entails and I only wanted to become a regular police officer.

How long have you been an environmental law officer? I have worked for four years.

What were the programs/prerequisites needed to become an environmental officer? To become an environmental police officer, a person is required to have a bachelor degree in criminal justice or any course that deals with environmental studies such as environmental science, law or biology.

What type of education background do you have? A degree in criminal justice.

What is your favorite part of your job? Patrolling the boats and operating in the oceans to ensure that the fishermen adhere to all the rules and regulations of fishing such as having a fishing permit and license.

How long are your workdays? My occupation takes eight hours a day since I work five days in a week.

Are they flexible or tight? The job is flexible since can work a few hours a day and in different shifts.

Why did you choose to become an environmental police officer vs. another police job? Growing up in a small town, I have always been an outdoor person engaging in activities such as boat riding as a hobby thus developing a passion for the environmental police officer.

How long and challenging is the police academy and is different from NYPD? The police academy takes a period of six months, and it offers residential to its members during weekdays as opposed to the NYPD whereby the members are day schooled.

What is the most dangerous situation you have encountered? Working alone and been outnumbered by illegal doers.

What are your career goals in law enforcement? To become a criminal investigator.

What is the difference between large and small departments? Large agencies deal with cases affecting the regions while the little ones handle issues affecting the counties.

How much money do you make? Starting salary is from $50000 to 55000 per annum, which increases to $70000 to $80000 annually after seven years.

Do you like your job? Yes. The payment is good, and a person can work according to the hours he or she is comfortable.

Is your job stressful and how so? Occasionally the job is stressful due to managing the irregularities such as handling people who are resisting arrest. However, it is less stressful than the City State Police work.

Do you think people understand what being a police officer is all about? No.It is because most people assume we are random police officers as the Navy since they are not aware of the environmental police department.

Would you recommend anyone to pursue to be an environmental law officer? Yes, I would. Anyone who is interested in any outdoor activities, the environment, and has a passion for law enforcement should certainly pursue the career.

What are some pros of being in this profession? The schedule is flexible, therefore; one can create time to run personal errands. The officers receive cars for routine checks.

What are some cons of being in this profession? There is a shortage of staff in the department forcing the officers to work individually. The officers enrolled in this area are fewer hence the lack of staff members. The department is not well recognized.

Does the profession require independent or teamwork? The occupation requires teamwork, especially when working on a case. The officers are required to work with investigators to solve these cases. However, under normal circumstances when the officer goes to the daily routine checks, he works independently unless when he requires back up.

Have you ever had to use your gun? No, I have never used a gun.

In your profession, are you able to prosecute someone who violated a non-environmental law? Yes, we can enforce any law since we are a state police department under criminal law.

What is your daily routine? I call central dispatch to report my environmental tour. Check computer database for any complaints or irregularities and work on it. Doing regular checks during the summer especially on illegal fishing activities or during winter when people carry out hunting activities.

What is the most common environmental matter you have to deal with? Leisure fishing. The majority of the cases I deal with involves people fishing without license and permits.

Do you have a quota you have to meet with tickets? No.

What is the most important lesson you have learned on the job? Think before you act. Do not be in a hurry to pursue things.

What did you wish more people knew about police officers and the work they do? Police officers work hard to ensure that there are peace and stability in the country. They guarantee the safety of each and that criminal are dealt with accordingly.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Solving difficult cases.

How do you feel about the media portraying officers and does it affect your job? The media easily jump into conclusions and often mislead people by giving out incorrect information thus showing that the police do not work efficiently.


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