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Peer 1

In my opinion, The Rocky Mountain Soap Company is the kind of companies we should have in our society. I must recommend them for doing a great job in environmental conservation. I fully support a company which is run ethically like this company so that nature will be conserved which in the long term attracts tourists which bring foreign income to the society. The company can create all their excellent products using only natural ingredients thus must be recommended because they are chemical free (Our Story, n.d.).

Nevertheless, I like the fact that they have created a toxin free movement which assists the consumers to consume chemical free products. They further avoid testing their products on animals or harming the aquatic and natural habitats with effluents. This to me is great actions which every company should follow so as to maintain our beautiful environment. The use of bullfrog power which makes use of clean, renewable resources is good move to avoid depletion of scarce resources.

Peer 2

The city of Kitchener is a great example of cities which need to be emulated throughout the world. Despite having a high population, the town strictly maintains their environment through protecting water sources and heritage sites. I further applaud their guiding principles specifically the one which promotes protection, conservation and enhancement of valuable lands, water resources and air. This is very vital in limiting the use of lands so that water sources such as the Grand River is well protected.

Furthermore, I appreciate their efforts of rebuilding wooden areas and green spaces because it maintains the ecosystem while giving space for local communities to enjoy the nature. The building up approach the use where they build apartment homes in many downtown places and linking them with the progress of Ion system is a good idea. This will enable the city to be easily accessible and reduces the need for expansion. Another bright idea is reducing collection rules which promote recycling and supports green waste initiatives. This is a move which is well analyzed, congrats.

Peer 3

The WOOD WORKS project done in the city of North Bay to me is both a good and bad project. It is a good idea because using wood which is a renewable resource is recommendable other than using other non-renewable resources. The project will promote the use of wood products in innovative industrial, commercial and institutional construction activities. The forest is well allocated in such a way that half of it is allocated for timber production while the other half is maintained for water harvesting, crown parks, non-forested land and other. This is a good plan.

However, the forest management lack plans for planting other trees to replace the fallen ones which may make derail the sustainable growth of the forest. To me, this is something which needs further discussion because the lack of trees in future will lead to severe consequences to the environment. The government should be involved before the start of the project.

Peer 4

In my opinion, the Pure + Simple company is doing an excellent job in using natural and organic ingredients to manufacture their skin care and beauty products. The company can produce products which are free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances (Pure + Simple, 2016). This is a recommendable effort. They further utilize principles of Ayurveda which recommends living in harmony in this ecosystem because we are controlled by the environment and its surroundings (Pure + Simple, 2016).

Nevertheless, I like their idea of bottle return program where customers return empty bottles so that the company will recycle them. This is a great effort to protecting the environment from being polluted by-products which could have been easily recycled. I, therefore, recommend this company for their sustainable efforts so that other companies will emulate them and conserve the environment.



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