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Question #1. Think of an environmental issue not covered in this chapter. Define it, explain why it is an issue, and what would you do as a planner to avoid it from becoming a major issue.

Subject to particular situations, airport operators and planners may consider other areas, for instance, coastal sources, wetlands impacts and farmlands when reviewing formal environmental processes. The chapter failed to mention the issue of waste management which is generated continuously from airports operations and activities. As a planner, I would recycle and reuse methods to minimize waste. Reusing construction materials saves money n reduces wastes.

Question #2. The United States has spent countless dollars creating the Environmental Protection Agency and publishing a myriad amount of documents to regulate the environment. Is the amount of focus placed on the environment justified? Defend your answer.

There has been an increasing trend of money spend on the environment protection to finance in environmental protection for good health of human and environment (EPA, 2015). The increased has been caused by the rise in domestic and foreign travel in U.S. The huge amount of dollars spent on environmental protection and conservation is justified since it creates new ways of solving pollution problem and assists the Environment Protection Agency in meeting its goals. Therefore, the EPA should ensure it uses the money to there is minimal noise and air pollution.

Question # 4. As an airport planner, what procedures would you employ to ensure your airport is environmentally sound?

I would start by providing effective methods of controlling wastes, and it would be attained by treatment, storage, recycling and reusing, and transport and disposal of wastes materials. By doing so, the airport would be clean and follow the sustainable environmental act (UNEP2015). The second thing I would do is to ensure that the airport does not affect the quality of water, air, wildlife, and climate. I would keep an annual review of the airport to determine the areas that need repair to avoid crash hazards, and planes are landing and taking off.

Question # 4 Look at the criteria for your Research Report in Module 1. You will see one Obstruction is a dump three miles east of the airport. When you design your runways in Module 8, how will this obstruction affect your runway alignment? What are your concerns with this obstruction? Cite any regulations that will affect your runways.

Module 1 reports hold that an obstruction is a decomposition that is held three miles east of the airport. The advisory circular of the FAA has stringent regulations and state that any off-port property composting process has to be located and conducted not near to a distance of 1200 feet to prevent personnel, material and equipment from entering the airport (Mehta, 2015). The operator in the airport should monitor waste dumping and compost to prevent overheat that can damage airlines.


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