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In most recent years, the entire country has been crafted by waves of uncertainty that surrounds Flint and the health hazards facing most occupants, especially the children. This was as a result of recklessness in monitoring, reporting, under investments in the water system and poor nominal decisions regarding the quality of water used by the inhabitants. The crisis alludes to mismanagement that is inexcusable by some public local, federal and state agencies. The water pollution crisis is not alone happening in Flint, but also other municipal states across the United States suffer the same fate. Thus, a lot of investment, reporting, and monitoring is supposed to be done by relevant agencies and authorities. Thus, this study is going to come up with stringent action plans that will be helpful in humanizing and cultivating corporate social responsibility that will be essential in improving the agencies' image and aid in restoring public trust through the application of environmental ethics.

If measures are put in place to fix the delinquent of water in Flint and other parts being affected will surely take many years of conscientiousness that will necessitate efficient solutions which will be a combination of good reinvestments, modernization and technical improvements of the entire water treatment and distribution systems. Equally, fundamental changes in institutions, people, and regulations that are responsible for guarding the public health. Rebuilding the lost public trust in the water tap system will be of essence hence more substantial, and focused effort will be required. Since the agencies involved don't have all the years in this world to do that, there are many action plans they will have to put immediately to act as a corporate social responsibility that will help in improving their image and try to restore public trust by incorporating right decisions that abide by environmental ethics.

Among the many actions plans to be undertaken under this program is to immediately launch a comprehensive and rapid safe water program for all the schools. Through this launch, they will have to test every single water fountain and faucet in the school to regulate any new emerging threats and contaminants such as Legionella bacteria. They will also have to identify all taps that susceptible and not fit for human consumption. Implement and fund a pipe replacement program among all schools, reinstall state of the art filters and coolers in all schools. Finally, provide reusable water bottles that are refillable to every student. Further measures that should be implemented as action plans include;

Every child in Flint has to be tested for lead exposure

The cost and its feasibility of all children presumed to be affected should be studied and known so that quick action is taken to prevent any added harm to them.

The agencies to make available follow up services for all impacted families and children due to exposure to lead. These monitoring services should include educational, social support and influx of resources that will be essential in engaging and educating the society and rebuilding their public trust.

All excessive discretions should be taken out of the water used for drinking testing. This will lead to preventing any future mismanagement. Thus, the state has to institute an enforcement mechanism that is clear that will ensure that the society follows all the set protocols in federal testing so as not to err the Michigan children a face of protection.

Finally, all the Michigan communities will be required to ascertain all homes with any lead pipes. If any of these pipes are identified, the community is mandated to inform their homeowners of the posed associated risks.

The water crisis in Flint is extremely troubling to both human suffering and the state for failing to curb it quickly. A lot is required to be undertaken by the state to gain the public trust and at the same time observe the environmental ethic. This process can be long and arduous, but by implementing the above action plans, all the agencies and state official can have a base in which they will start rebuilding the public trust and thus make the best of an unpleasant situation.



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