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Environmental grassroots movements have a role to play when it comes to shaping public policies. Environmental grassroots movements have transitioned from being locally based to being globally based. The movements include community groups, youth organizations, and religious institutions. Protests and civil disobedience are some of the tactics that have been successfully been used in advocacy of environmental issues. A successful environmental grassroots movement is one that is driven by a moral urgency and can identify points of leverage. Grassroots activism can be boosted by phenomena known as the disruption of the quotidian. The disruption of quotidian refers to the disruption of everyday practices, routines and the way people take the environment for granted. As a result, movement mobilization is likely to occur. Environmental grassroots movements were developed out of public concern over contamination of our air, water, food, and land. Continued concerns over environmental threats led to the formation of environmental activism. Environmental activism aims to ensure that environmental threats are addressed. Efforts of environmental grassroots movements have led to the formation of environmental policies with the aim of ensuring that the environment is protected from environmental threats and hazards. A cleaner and safer environment is important for a healthy life. The grassroots movements are of the opinion that we need to control environmental pollution (Bullard & Johnson, 2000). Some of the significant environmental grassroots movements that have played a major role in shaping public policies include the Sierra Club, the Green Party, and

Sierra Club has for many years been involved in advocating for new legislation about environmental issues. The Sierra Club has also served as a watchdog, ensuring that environmental legislations are properly established and enforced. The Sierra Club has played a major role in ensuring that the United States Environmental Protection Agency and other Federal Agencies properly enforce environmental regulations and legislations. The Sierra Club has successfully been involved in ensuring that millions of acres of the wilderness are protected. The Sierra Club has been involved in the establishment of many legislations and policies with the aim of ensuring that water and air are kept clean. Efforts by the Sierra Club have also ensured that endangered species are protected (Doyle, 2009)

Green party is an environmental grassroots movement that was formed in 1996 with the aim of advocating for the much needed environmental change. The Green party is committed to environmentalism and averting threats to environmental well-being. The Green party is of the opinion that a sustainable environment is important for the well-being of humanity in the future. The Green Party also advocates for environmental justice with the aim of ensuring that poor people stop bearing the brunt of environmental pollution (Bullard & Johnson, 2000). is one of the leading environmental grassroots movement when it comes to addressing the issue of climate change. Most of the time gets into a partnership with local organizations towards achieving its objectives. The movement aims to reduce greenhouse pollutants and carbon-dioxide gas emissions. The movement asserts that people have a right to an environment that is safe and healthy. The movement lobbied the United States to get committed to the Kyoto protocol. The Kyoto protocol established timetables as well as emission timetables with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming (Bullard & Johnson, 2000).

Environmental grassroots movements have been effective in their efforts. An increase in concern over global climate change has seen environmental grassroots movements advocate for policies aimed at addressing the issue of global climate change. Environmental grassroots movements have played a major role in the development of carbon-capping legislation that is expected to play a major role in averting dire scenarios associated with climate change. In the United States, the movements have played a major role when it comes to shaping climate policy. Environmental grassroots movements have also played a major role when it comes to addressing complex issues that affect climate change (Doyle, 2009)


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