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In the modern society, the use of plastic bags and bottles forms an integral part of our lives. People use plastic bags in the day to day activities; they are used for carrying shopping stuff, wrapping food and packing beverages. Whereas the use of this plastic is useful, they have adverse effects on our environment, contaminating the entire the world thus becoming a marker of the new geological epoch. This is mainly because of their nature of being non-biodegradable. In light of such problems, Greenpeace International has stepped out to act, by changing the attitudes and behavior of people in order to protect and conserve the earths environment.

Human-made waste is being produced and thrown away in massive quantities. The recycling schemes that are in place are not keeping up with the pace of production hence they are being dumped all over the planet. These plastic has led to pollution in the land, rivers with oceans becoming the largest dump on earth. Greenpeace International is an independent organization, has campaigned to defend the seas through challenging usage of plastic and calling for its ban. The recycling and control of plastic are getting out of control, and therefore the organization is championing the use of non-plastic bags that are easy to recycle and reuse.

According to Palma (2017), plastic waste problem is quickly spiraling out of control in New Zealand. Discoveries of enormous floating plastic bags with sizes of a country have fueled Greenpeace International to throw its weight behind its campaign on the ban of plastic bags. Palma further argues that A complete ban on plastic bags from supermarkets is the first step that must be taken on the road to phasing out all single-use plastics, Research by Greenpeace International shows that marine life is deeply devastated by the plastic that has been washed into the sea. Aquatic animals often mistake the broken down bits of plastic for food. The vast proportion of the plastic lies on the seabed entangling and choking the sea creatures such as turtles to death.

Through petitions and campaigns, Greenpeace International has successfully managed to gain victories in their attempts to save the earth and its environment. One of such victory is now the worlds largest marine protected area created in the Ross Sea, off the coast of Antarctica. It was through the efforts of Greenpeace International that the sanctuary was created. Such sanctuaries are important in the protection of biodiversity, countering global warming, and rebuilding the aquatic lives Mackenzie (2016). Plastic waste is already a menace in the oceans, islands and even in the Polar Regions, which are considered as the pristine zones. The lead author of Anthropocene, Professor Jan Zalasiewicz, states that research has found significant amounts of plastic granules found frozen in the Arctic Sea could have been swept there from the Pacific Ocean.

In conclusion, it is clear that Greenpeace International challenged itself into changing the attitudes and behavior of people in order to protect and conserve the earths environment. Through actions such as petitions, campaign, rallies and mass awareness and education, Greenpeace International has proved itself to be the champion of earth and environmental protection. Such actions have portrayed Greenpeaces core values and goals that are meant to protect the biodiversity in all forms, prevent the abuse and pollution of the earths oceans and seas, land, and air. The responsibilities of their actions, which are non-violent in nature, has led to the promotion of solutions through opened and informed debates on the societys environmental choices.


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