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This case study is about electrifying the Californian Monument with the aim of introducing an environmentally friendly mechanism of supplying electricity to the ecologically sensitive region. The proposed system is the hybrid photovoltaic system which acts as the most viable solution to the provision of electrical services in the Monument.

Evidently, this technology is environmentally friendly in the sense that it not only gets rid of the fumes and gases as was the case with the generators but also got rid of the noise as was previously witnessed with the use of generators. The photovoltaic system technology at Pinnacle replaces the old generators in the production of electrical power.

The decision to replace the generators was appropriate given the costs involved in running generators, the noises, and air pollution aspect of it. Besides, the technology only taps energy from the sun and harness it into electricity.

The installation process can be affected by intermittent issues such as shading, and low temperature, which is just but temporal.

Federal Energy Management Program at Pendleton

This is a case of the United States Department of Energys project of managing energy and aimed at facilitating the implementation of a sound, and economical energy management as well as investment practices that are intended to enhancing the security of the energy systems together with the stewardship of the environment.

The technology in this case study is the solar hot water system that converts sunlight to heat energy (thermal energy). The other technological system in the study is the use of photovoltaics or simply put the solar cells or panels. These cells are efficient in that they convert the sunlight directly into electricity. This case finds favor in adopting the use of photovoltaic cells for their efficiency and effectiveness. Being that both systems are environmentally friendly, photovoltaic systems beat the water system in its ability to convert sunlight into electricity. Electricity can then be used in various appliances and devices other than water heating.

Renewable Energy at Channel Islands National Park

This is a case study is about Channel Islands National Park, and an attempt to employ a renewable source of energy to safeguard the pristine islands and ensure that the visitors enjoyment regarding hiking, bird watching, scuba diving and fishing among other niceties is not interrupted. The kinds of machinery used in supplying energy in the Island includes diesel powered generators, and the wind/ photovoltaic hybrid systems. Though the island enjoys relative use of the renewable energy wisely and conservatively, it still looks to replace this system with a friendlier one. Being that the island enjoys an abundance of sunlight and wind, the use of photovoltaic hybrid systems and wind mills would prove most appropriate and efficient. The installation would not face any intermittent issues since such issues as shading, and low sunlight is not imminent on the island. Besides, the use of photovoltaics and windmills are environmentally friendly as opposed to the diesel and petroleum.

The US Army Fort Knox: Using the Earth or Space Heating and Cooling

This is a case about the US Army base in Kentucky, Fort Knox. It is a home to 3,000 families and well over 30, 000 individuals during the day. This is a demonstration of how sources of energy can be instrumental in this area as the population of this magnitude is expected to consume significant amounts of energy. The Unit was using Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC). This system was found to have some leaks and was thus not efficient. The military base opted for the adoption of geothermal heat pumps (GHP) that produce space heating as well as cooling. Through GHP systems, the barracks was able to save $906,100 in the year 2005.

There are no intermittent issues faced while installing the system.

The Federal Energy Management Program: Solar is Saving Energy for the US Courthouse

The case study is about Alfred Arrajs Courthouse in Colorado and is known to be the first courthouse to have built solar electricity. With the commitment of seeing to it that the environment is safeguarded, the General Services Administration of the Federal wing saw it wise to include an integrated photovoltaic system in building plans. The photovoltaic systems are the ones responsible for the generation of electricity. The system is designed such that it minimizes on heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting tools. The system is efficient in that it converts solar energy directly into electricity. These are environmentally friendly and cost efficient systems that dont contribute to the global climatic problems. This system replaces the use of diesel and petroleum used in generators.



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