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The traditional method of marketing through company agents, organizing field activities or charity, fun day, convention programs among others to meet with customers and potential business partners is now a thing of the past for most companies. E-commerce and retailing are the new innovation in town. Marketing is now done by a snap of a finger and over 200,000 customers can be reached out to through different communication channels.  Technology has thus shaped the business industry, as new companies are emerging, innovations are also emerging. Operation in the business sectors is, therefore, becoming flexible and profitable to owners who are investing more in technology to reach out to as many consumers as possible. Since technological applications are fast, cost effective and convenient, the new face of business operation is here with us (Swapnil & Veena, 2016). Technology is becoming a tool that makes business the best prospect to engage with consumers effectively.

Virtualization as a networking tool is already gaining grounds in the Business technology and affecting the sector greatly, as, since 2014, virtualization has drastically increased especially in data center networks. The tool is widely used by companies due to its effectiveness in server utilization, power consumption, and application performance. Cloud Computing is speedily expanding in the Information Technology enterprise. A prediction by Garters Technology shows that by the end of 2017, adoption of cloud into data centers will hit $250 billion. This data is concurrent with the most recent research data that was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2013, which also showed an increase in global enterprises dependence on the cloud. The same prediction projected an annual 20.2 % of the global growth of the Software as a Service (SaaS) market by the end of 2017. These predictions are indications of the continued growth of the Virtualization as a networking tool to reach out to customers for the business industry.

Wireless networks are a development witnessed in network design and management; most companies are shifting to wireless networks for communication. This network uses wireless data connection nodes. The network is popular in homes, telecommunications networks, and enterprises. It can be propagated through the installation of cables on administrator radio communication using the OSI model network system. The wireless networks popularly used in the business environment include phone networks, Wireless Local Area Networks, (WLAN), and terrestrial microwave networks among others. Wireless links are growing trends as wireless networks can transmit waves over a large area. Additionally, they allow security and can accommodate many transmissions to different channels simultaneously such as the Etherne...

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