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Q1. What are some of the aircraft aging problems?

The consequences of aircraft aging are often experienced on its first flight (Gebman, 2009). Some of the problems with aging aircraft include metallic corrosion, which primarily occurs when reactions of this chemicals cause deterioration on the surface of the plane surface metal. This condition may ultimately lead to the breakdown of the metallic components of the aircraft. Structural fatigue has also been regarded as another problem and has led to major loses and challenges which include the separation of the cabin entrance door from the plane. On insight investigation of the issue, it was found that structural fatigue was the source of all these problems. Finally, the problems associated with electrical wiring, most of this wiring has been of late reported to be ineffective, have also occurred. They have led to communication problems between aircraft pilot and the relevant problems (Baker, Kelly & Dutton 2004)

Q2. How to monitor the issues related to aircraft fatigue.

Aircraft fatigue involves the weakening of a material of an airplane as a result of repeated applied loads (Gebman, 2009). As an aviation maintenance manager, I can use different methods to monitor unusual fatigue related problem in aircraft. For instance, visual inspection of the affected aircraft, which involves an overview of the human eye using magnifying glance proves to be an effective monitoring approach. Similarly, the use of penetration testing method helps in doing the follow-up and revealing the discontinuities that are opened towards the surface of the sections made of non-porous materials. Conceivably, the use ultrasonic testing helps in the assessment of the crucial components (Gebman, 2009). This technique is suited in the examination of the most metallic, ceramic and defected parts that may be on the surface or below the surface of the aircraft. With the above ways, fatigue will be monitored to avoid increased accidents and failures.

Q3. Techniques to prolong the lifespan of aircraft

An aircraft is built to last for decades. However, this might not be the case, because its lifespan is measured by the number of take-offs and landings it makes (Baker, Kelly & Dutton 2004). Various ways to prolong the lifespan of aircraft include replacing weak or faulty components, cleaning of engine compartment using suitable lubricants, refinishing the exterior aircraft parts and making the aircraft as clean as possible.

#4: section in the airline organization is responsible for reducing aircraft fatigue

The department in the aviation organization responsible for reducing aircraft fatigue is transport and fatigue maintenance. It is the section that performs roles such as cleaning of engine compartment using suitable lubricants, refinishing the exterior aircraft parts and making the aircraft as clean as possible.



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