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Name: Banerjee, Chandana

Topic: She found a way to make plastic waste useful

Thesis: If plastics recycling is left to fend for itself in the marketplace, it will go down for the count, and we will continue using and tossing an ever-growing volume of plastic.


"There was no point creating an eco-friendly product that was adding to air pollution. It means that there was no need of them establishing an eco-friendly product that added to air pollution as the first machine produced a combination of butane, methane, and propane. It is important in my research paper as it discourages the use of plastics in making the environment toxic. The goal was to design a machine that could use the gases it was emitting to fire itself up. This quote is important in my research because it shows the significance of having an environmentally friendly machine. "I'm willing to travel anywhere across the city to pick up plastic that we can rescue from its landfill destiny." This quote shows how some people are concerned to ensure that the environment is safe for the people living in the world.

Credibility of the source

The author Chandana is a journalist, health professional, and a writer who works and lives in India. She has over twenty years of experience in writing for various publications in India and across the world. She has written for companies like Indian Currents, Al Jazeera, Medium, Animal Wellness, and Power of Moms. Some of the articles that she has written include Sari Donors in India, Land of Tigers and Forts, the Toy Maker Who Weaves Trash into Educational Gold, and Prakash Kaur Bibi: Rescuing Indias Abandoned Girls. Additionally, the author has two degrees.

The Christian Science Monitor website sponsors the article. The website is sponsored by a church called the first church of Christ and it is located in Boston. The sponsor of the website is concerned with the state of the world and the quality of news that is available. The sponsor ensures that the website produces one religious article that offers spiritual insight every weekday. The author writes in support of a particular industry.

One of the important ideas of this article is that Tadpatrikar found a good way of making the plastic waste useful. This idea is important because the founders of the idea are able to get usable oil from the plastics which are eco-friendly. Another idea is that the plastics help in generating cheaper oil. The idea is important as people from low and middle class can use the fuel in generators, tractors, and cooking stoves as it is affordable. The third idea is that Rudra intends to expand where it collects plastic. The expansion is a good idea for the company because it will reduce plastic waste resulting in a cleaner to live in. There is no proof that the author provides to back the ideas.

Name: JoAnn C. Gutin


Theme: Plastic is made of crude oil, and it is possible to reverse the process to get usable oil.


If you can't change reality, change the subject, and hope nobody notices. This quote is important because it says that it is important for one to change the subject if reality cannot be changed. Thus, plastic can be used in other things to help the community. Plastic is also the most obvious and enduring component of litter. This quote is important in my research because plastic waster causes make 70% of the ocean waste. The problem is that plastic isn't one thing, but many. According to this quote, most people believe that plastic is the only waste while it has many polymers around it.

Credibility of the source

The author JoAnn Gutin is a scientist-writer in the New York City. I am not sure of the academic credentials of JoAnn because I cannot find information online. However, the writer frequently writes for Salon and Newsday. Some of the articles that the author has reviewed include Bitter Harvest and Perilous Crossing. The article is a copyright of Gale Group, which is sponsored by Thomson Corporation Company. The corporation is one of the largest information companies in the world. The company was active in health sectors, financial services, technology research, law, and accounting sectors before it merged with Reuters to form Thomson Reuters. The writer writes articles in support of the particular industry.

One of the ideas from the article is that recycling entrepreneurs and environmentalists have been debating on the correct definition of recycling. The idea is important because they both fail to understand that plastic is not just one thing but many. There are a number of polymers around and each of them has different properties and molecular configurations. The issue of plastic being the most enduring and obvious component is also important. The reason is that plastic waste destroys the environment as they still even float in oceans. The other idea is that there is a sound environmental that exist due to the use of some plastic. The idea is important because it gives an overview of how plastic has made things easier. For instance, it is through plastic that cars are lighter and they burn less fuel. Although there are no references in the article, the author gives an observation after visiting Art Graham.

Authors: Doug Woodring and Steve Russell

Topic: How Plastics-to-Fuel Can Become the Next Green Machine (Op-Ed)

Theme: While some plastics are recycled, far too many are not and end up buried in landfills or littered where they can enter delicate marine ecosystems.

Today, recycling technologies reprocess many common types of plastics: bottles, containers, cups, caps, lids and so on. This quote is important, as it is an indication that recycling of plastics has various benefits. Economics will likely drive adoption of this technology. the economy is what has really driven the recycling of bottles as it has resulted in an increase in the economic output. Plastics even used plastics are valuable materials that can be used to create new products or fuels and energy.

Douglas Woodring is the cofounder of Ocean Recovery Alliance and he has three degrees. Some of the articles written by Woodring include How 'Catalytic Philanthropy' Could Solve Global Waste, and Can The Plastics Industry Create A Collaborative Model For Change? Stephen Rusell is the vice president of American Chemistry Council that leads efforts in reusing, reducing, and recycling more plastics through access to advances in technology and education.

The live Science website is run by Purch, which bought it from Imaginova in 2009. Purch is a digital platform that drives the future through publishing and performance marketing. It generally engages in online marketing. The two authors of the article write in support of a particular industry. One of the important ideas in this article is that plastic delivers many benefits that make life possible. Plastics are important as they help in keeping foods fresher for a long time and reducing the weight of cars. Another idea is that economies can help in driving adoption of technology. This idea is significant as the plastics to fuel technologies are increasing and can be customized to help meet the demands of various geographies and economies. The author does not provide proof to back up their ideas.


The three articles are important in my research as they provide information on the benefits of plastic and how plastic can be recycled in a way that it does not affect the environment. The reason is that plastic has a high percentage when considering litters in the ocean. The thesis of my research paper will be although recycling of plastics is a good idea, most of the plastics are usually not recycled, thus, they end up entering the ocean and this affects the marine ecosystems.


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