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It is necessary for us as human beings to keep the environment clean. Industrialization and advancement in technology have fuelled an increase in pollution. Human beings have a habit of polluting the environment by littering it. Littering the environment and making water dirty are considered as major causes of environmental pollution. People have a habit of throwing litter on footpaths instead of putting litter in dustbins. With time, the litter that is thrown haphazardly by human beings accumulates and becomes a nuisance to the environment. Accumulation of liter over time becomes garbage. Failure to clean garbage makes the environment to stink. Failure to clean garbage also attracts disease causing organisms which infect man and animals. The environment can be made clean by coming up with laws that punish individuals who liter the environment. The environment can also be made clean by planting trees. Trees purify air making it worthy to breathe. Initiating eco-friendly measures such as recycling of waste products and use of renewable sources of energy can play a great deal in ensuring that the environment is kept clean. There are many benefits that are associated with keeping the environment clean. Religion states that deities expect human beings to keep the environment clean (Egendorf, 1999).

Keeping the environment clean promotes healthy living. Failure to keep the environment clean leads to an increase in environmental pollution. Toxins and contaminants from environmental pollutants have debilitating effects on the health of man and animals. Keeping the environment clean ensures that human beings have fresh air to breathe (Philpott, 2015).

An unclean environment leads to diseases. Most respiratory diseases are caused by air pollution. Water pollution causes water-borne diseases such as typhoid and diarrhea. It is impossible to have animals and human beings with good health when the environment is polluted. Water is a basic necessity, and clean air is vital for human life. Therefore, all should be done to ensure that human beings breathe clean air and drink clean water (Philpott, 2015).

Pollution is reduced by keeping the environment clean. Courtesy of cleaning the environment, pollution is reduced, and it is ensured that environmental pollutants are reduced. Reducing environmental pollutants is best done by keeping the environment clean (Egendorf, 1999).

It is necessary to ensure that the environment is preserved for future generations. The environment can only be conserved and preserved for future generations by ensuring that it is kept clean. Future generations will appreciate a great deal if we preserve the environment and make sure that they find an environment that is not disoriented. The present generation ought to make sacrifices that will ensure that the future generation finds the earth a place worthy to inhabit. Our planets healthy future depends on the participation of all human beings. Therefore, all human beings should be involved in making the environment clean as a way of ensuring that future generations find the world habitable (Philpott, 2015).

Impact of recycling

Recycling makes a great impact in trying to keep the environment clean. Landfill waste is reduced courtesy of recycling. Recycling ensures that waste that would normally find itself in landfills is recovered. A large amount of waste finds itself in landfills, by recycling waste, the occupation of landfills is reduced. Recycling ensures that paper, plastic, and rubber among other wastes that would normally find their way in landfills is recycled. Recycling plays a major role in conserving the environment. Industries often require raw materials in their manufacturing processes. By recycling, companies no longer have to use raw materials and original resources in their manufacturing processes. Natural resources are conserved courtesy of recycling. Recycling reduces water pollution and also reduces air pollution. Courtesy of recycling, deforestation is reduced. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced courtesy of recycling. By recycling, the United States is helped to reach its greenhouse gas reduction targets. Money that would have been used in the manufacturing of new products is often conserved courtesy of recycling efforts. The energy that would normally be used to manufacture new products is often conserved courtesy of recycling efforts. Creation of new products from raw materials requires high levels of energy when compared to the creation of products by use of recycled materials (Carson, 2010).

Improving recycling systems

Systems that we as a nation have in place to clean the environment can be improved by increased funding. Water treatment systems should be funded much better by the Federal government and state governments to ensure that the systems improve their operations. Water treatment systems whose operations have been improved will ensure that the water that human beings consume is free of pollutants. By ensuring that the water human beings drink are free of pollutants, water borne diseases will be a thing of the past. What can be recycled and what cannot be recycled should be identified. By establishing what can and cant be recycled, it will be ensured that what cannot be recycled is not send to recycling systems. Feel good recycling process will be deterred by ensuring that what can be recycled and what cannot be recycled is established (Dillon, 2015).

The number of recycling bins should be increased in a bid to increase recycling efforts. Having recycling bins in proximity to people will play a major role in improving recycling efforts. By having recycling bins near people, people will always be reminded that they have to take part in the recycling of wastes (Treehugger, 2014).

Establishment of mandatory trash collection schedules will play a major role in ensuring that recycling systems are improved. Mandatory trash collection schedules will play a major role in reducing the need for landfills. Germany is an excellent example whereby mandatory trash collection schedules have been introduced to improve recycling efforts. As a result, Germany has been able to reduce millions of wastes each year (Drell, 2011).

Technology can be integrated into waste recycling systems to improve recycling systems. High tech trash collection can be used to improve recycling systems. RFID tracking can be used to improve the efficiency of waste recycling systems. RFID technology can be used to provide information on how waste collection activities go about. RFID technology can be used to verify how waste collection trucks go about their business. Gasification technology can be used to improve recycling systems. Gasification technology can be used to convert waste into syngas. Syngas can be used in the same place as fossil fuels. Syngas can be used as a building block for liquid fuel. Syngas can be used in the refining of crude fuel. Syngas can be used as a catalyst in the production of ethanol. Syngas can also be processed into diesel fuel. Gasification is a great mechanism that can ensure that recycling systems are improved (Drell, 2011).



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