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Critical thinking
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As the chief of a municipal police department, managing the security of a population of 600,000 people. Among them 65% representing a portion of African-American, following a deteriorating level of safety in the city, I will employ necessary strategies that aim at improving the relationship between the police and the African- American community as well as rekindle the dimming trust and confidence among the workforce and the public. For instance, an all inclusive recruitment will be the best option to bridge the disparity gap between the majority and the minority groups in the community. During the police recruitment, every person will have equal employment opportunity without discrimination along racial lines or ethnicity (Siegel & Senna 2008). It is a precise way of working together with the community to reduce security tension. It will also create awareness about what happens on the ground while tackling insecurity cases. The number of community policing officers should be appropriate to the number of 600,000 people. For example, one police to handle a maximum of five civilians. More so, changing the police culture will also be an absolute priority to counter rogue police officers and uplift the code of conduct in police service. It is a transition from a failed old philosophy to a whole new philosophy; in this case, police officers acquire the knowledge and skills to rethink on their course of action during training to determine the limit and relevance of enforcing the law. For example, having a second thought before shooting a suspected African-American will be helpful in opening up an insightful investigation into the allegations laid against the suspect. Similarly, other charges will involve the court in finding out whether the evidence is beyond the reasonable doubt or not supportive. Such charges other than taking down the suspect may include monetary charges or life imprisonment. Achieving justice satisfies the conflicting parties, in turn, win the trust and confidence in the police service.

Additionally, I will ensure that every police officer lives within the city to understand the social life of the community and the common problems that face this community. For example, providing affordable homes for all the police officers around the city or a mortgage that is payable after two years of service is essential (Siegel & Senna 2008). As an incentive, it encourages more and more officers to live within the neighborhoods', hence improving their relationship with the community. The move will also make it easy to counter criminal activities in the city. However, every officer should be held accountable for his or her course of action by misusing the police armor. The police signing and monitoring of weapons will be helpful in reducing the careless use of weapons especially the military ones. Lastly, as the head of the police officers, I will command them to at least oversee daily business activities in the area. It is not a noble idea for police officers to encounter African-American community only during the crisis time. It is a negative way of solving community problems. In fact, it is a reactive measure rather than a proactive measure. A police officer who is always in touch with the civilians will create a healthy relationship and confidence.


Siegel, L. J., & Senna, J. J. (2008). Introduction to criminal justice. Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth.

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