Essay: Tourism Is an Efficient Generator of Direct and Indirect Employment

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The tourism, events sector and the hospitality industry besides being an economic activity also acts as an economic financial driving force to many other related industries such as the banking and the transportation industry travel. Tourism involves willingful travelling for pleasure purposes and also can involve business trips. Hospitality industry involves hotels, event planning, transportation and theme parks, all these services carried under hospitality industry with an aim of serving the internal and external tourists. There is rampant growth and emerging trends in the tourism, hospitality and events sector that directly or indirectly create employment in the economy, in addition to that there are future predictions for the industry and the new employment opportunities that will develop.

Tremendous growth in the hospitality and tourism sector has been felt by majority, looking at a situation where you walk in an automated hotel such as in Japan where the human receptionists have been replaced by the robots, this makes services more open and speedy hence efficiency. Customer service has also been improved and made more swift where the guests enter the rooms through an image code they obtain from the hotel upon booking, online services that allow customers enquiries and immediate feedback has enhanced customer loyalty and industry reliance, application of price comparison softwares. The growth in application of Information Communication Technology enhanced tools has enabled enhanced quality products and services to customers, such as through improved guest management system that is through auto booking by the customers, this has improved cost reduction, use of application software in hotel location and booking, the introduced vending machines applied for drinks and snacks while travelling.

The increased innovation rate has led to opening of new marketing channels and new efficient methods of communication strategies such online booking, enquiries and online based advertisements by the company regarding their services. Improved and advanced professional training on tourism, hospitality and events sector has led to improved and admirable services offered by the industry to the customers, specialization courses such as on sustainable tourism, cultural tourism, thermal tourism and rural tourism has improved the capabilities of the staff in dealing with the needs of the tourists. Introduction of niche marketing that serves the customers with specific and special needs and demands because the small concentrated segment gives the staff a chance to provide quality, efficiency and sometimes exceeding customers expectations. Social media is being used as a media for promoting special events to customers such as through prior booking of events thus favoring the customer on its cost effectiveness.

The events sector is up on operation with very exciting trends such as customized personalization where the guests attending the event are enabled the opportunities to some of the planned sessions of the event to the activities and give their opinions, this is made applicable through the application of the conference application software where with the use of a GPS tracker suggestions for activities of an event are provided in real time, this makes the guest feel more and importantly invested in the event programed. The application of Celebrate Diverse Voices option enhances participatory levels of the guests to the event as the in involves bringing a speaker with diverse and unique ideas in the event thus catching the attention and attracts interest of the guests. The application of Value Added Malfunction Versatility idea enables the guests to hold their name tags with the event schedule printed at the back thus enabling them to gauge what is going to be in the event.

Tourism, Hospitality and Events sector industry covers a large sector of the economic contribution of a nation, the industry gives a chance to the youths, women and even the migrant workers to swiftly enter the workforce , the unbendable contributions of the industry majors on offering employment on the accommodation, transport and the attraction sites. The industry directly employs the hotels and restaurant staffs, such as the chefs, customer care and the management, they deal directly with the transport agencies in transporting the tourists and goods hence offering direct employment to the logistic staffs such as the drivers, they contact the tourism information offices on every detail in the organization hence employing them, the museum attendants, national park attendants such as the security agents, the tour guides and customer care agents. They employ the photography specialists to aid the tourists and they also employ the guides and scouts to work in parks and resorts ensuring customers satisfaction.

The industry indirectly employs the suppliers who ensure efficient and timely supply of variety of goods needed for the day to day activities in the industry sites, the construction companies also get a chance to work with the industry by providing building services of the facilities needed by the tourists and ensuring proper maintenance to the facilities to meet their demands, the marketing agencies also get a chance to be employed by the industry as they offer the advertising and negotiating services of the potential customers to the industry this involving the digital marketing services to allow industry brand success. Regarding the emerging growth and trends in the industry application of more enhanced information technology software has created employment opportunities for different cadres such as the software engineers and software programmers, improved professional training and specialization of courses has employed foreign language facilitators, application of robots as receptionists calls for employment of quality assurance team to inspect and measure on the quality of the output.

The Tourism, Hospitality and Events sector industry is comprised of encouraging future predictions such as the social media primacy where the guest can easily get issues solved via media such as the twitter compared to instances where they had to call the front desk, Future prediction of increased service standards such as many customers will get a chance to be informed of the prices through the internet therefore increasing price transparency. Expectations of new concepts where varied fruitful ideas may come from varied unexpected sources, Technology innovations due to the upcoming and emerging trends in the industry.

The Tourism, Hospitality and Events sector industry is a very useful industry in the economy as it involves other industries in its operations, it comprises a myriad of direct and indirect employment to the people thus generating income to a government and hence development. The industry is comprised of tremendous growth and emerging trends that are fully contributing to the growth and development of the industry and the thus the trends are creating new advanced employment opportunities to the people. Due to much expectations and determination, the industry head hopefully for future predictions

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