Essay on Obstacles in My Academic and Personal Life

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There are numerous obstacles in my personal life and academics that have been pressing issues. They turned out to obstruct my dream of becoming successful in the society. The problems are wholly family-based, cutting across parental conflicts. I got to fight for my rights and also find avenues of escaping from social discrimination. However, a mature conviction drew into my mind, that life is a journey full of huddles. Everyone has narratives of their dark moments. It does not matter the magnitude of hardship one goes through, but the ultimate result that comes from the victim how one perceives the situation and make good or bad out of it. Here is my real-life story from which I cultivated self-confidence and emotional quotient.

My father has impacted the way I view the world in my career of counseling to living in different places. He has transformed my relationship with people and situations. Additionally, the dad has influenced my growth to be kinder different from a typical child's life. To a more significant extent, I feel he has impacted my life both for the better, but the worst.

I am pained to testify that, in my entire life, my parents have not been in good terms. And this is not a secret. They would always fight over random issues, and it was not until the past few years when they brought my brother and I into the battle. All along we have been living in fear of my dad because of what he does or might do to my mom or us. He is emotionally abusing all of us including my mom's side of the family. My mom had left for more than three times, an act that forced us to live in isolation in different locations. We had to (at one point) have restraining orders against him and not tell him where we were staying during my sophomore year which took a toll on my academics.

Counseling was occasionally necessary for all of us after several successions of terrifying events had happened eventually, my parents were separated. It helped a little but not satisfactorily since there were severe damages caused to the relationships. After the counseling, it had dawned on me that all these situations made me more observant and slower to talk. These events imparted in me the virtue of having sympathy for oppressed people and got them through such hard state of affairs we went through. Nobody deserves to have to hide everything and keep it clandestine.

Recently, I have now been interested in majoring in the field of counseling owing to my personal life experiences. I have nurtured the passion of helping people. I am convinced God let these things to happen in our lives, not to scare us, but for us to learn positively from them and be there to help and advocate for others in trouble. This kind of life has shaped me into the person I am. Ideally, nobody should face such experiences; they make us individually unique though. I could have just lived on the bad in this situation, but I am looking at it from the positive standpoint. All negatives could be turned into positives right by the way you choose to let it affect your life.

In summary, problems regarding family backgrounds are inevitable, and nobody would wish to allow them to occur. Such things like family conflicts are hugely detrimental not only to the married couples but also to both the social growth and academics of children. In many cases, families have torn apart, and children left living in desperation. Only a few strong-hearted individual can persevere and learn positively from the experiences and make a difference in the society. I am a living witness of the positive side. My encouragement is simple: positive focus in life is a fundamental tool for survival that everyone should embrace.


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