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This is a response to one of the UC Berkeley Events that featured one of the British most influential literary critics, Terry Eagleton. In this particular event, this distinguished English Literature Professor at the University of Lancaster gives a professional lecture titled, The Death of Criticism, at the Hesburgh Centre auditorium. In this particular event, Terry Eagleton, in his lecture, gave his controversialist view on major issues that often roil the American and the British Press.

Listening to Eagletons speech, I was privileged to get a vast range of impressions and experiences which combined in a peculiar and an unexpected way to enhance my attention as a regular audience a first-time listener. Having just started engaging more in literary events, at first, my impressions of this particular lecture were negative and I felt as if this couldnt justify the time and expenses I had started dedicating in such events. However, almost halfway into listening to this professional talk, I realized that my experience varied widely, regarding the amount of information I got to acquire from the talk. Besides, I began to understand that for me to maximize my experience and impression in any literary event, this will all depend on the reason why I am listening to or attending the occasion. Through listening to Eagletons speech, I began to realize that this would be a crucial event where I would network and hang out with different and influential people who would be a great contribution to my literary skills.

Similarly, based on my implications and audience experience, listening to Eagleton critically analyzing different literary and world literature issues gave me the implication that there is a very high possibility for my audience experience to be manipulated by the manner in which the program or the event itself is designed. Personally, right before Professor Eagleton commenced his speech, the brief overview of his achievements and literary dedication essentially impacted my experience listening to his lecture. Besides, his end rule, which gave a brief overview of his own beliefs, alongside his own academic specialties gave me a positive implication about the event.

From experience, attending a literary event, and particularly one that is in line with Professor Terry Eagletons Literary controversialist view is something that I would like to do, for various reasons. To begin with, networking is one of the primary reasons why I would be greatly interested in attending an event like this. Listening to Eagleton, who actively engages his audience in his talk through his elevated sense of humor, made me realize that it is in events like this that I would get the chance to meet big and influential names in the literary world, and also get the opportunity to share my thoughts and views with them. In a similar regard, based on the manner in which I was drawn to Eagletons lecture, I would definitely love to attend a live literary event where I would get engaged, at a personal level, as a first-hand audience and eventually develop a significant audience and public speaking tools.

In conclusion, while it may be a little bit difficult to explain the complete experience of attending a literary event, knowing the purpose and the importance of attending the event are key to analyzing ones personal relation to ones beliefs and literary understanding.

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