Literary Essay Example: Analyzing Part of the Poem The Gaiour by Lord Bayron

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Lord Byrons visit to Greece in 1809 triggered him to write the poem The Gaiour. He felt bad after learning of a miserable death of a woman thrown into the sea alive. The story of the terrible death formed the material for the poem. The analysis for this poem focuses on lines 387-409. The theme that comes clear is romanticism and the consequences of pursuing love. The narrative reflects a personal experience of the author during his visit to Greece. The traumatizing story of a deceased woman triggered the reflective poem. I agree with Lord Byron that pursuit for love trigger efforts and full commitments. Besides, love is not without pain and sacrifice.

In the Poem, the poet used figurative language to describe how beauty attracts the pursuer. The poet used a butterfly symbolically to represent the beauty of Leila in the eyes of Hassan and Gaiour. From his personal experience in Greece, the poet wrote the narrative poem about the murder of Leila and the resultant revenge for the killing. In this case, Hassan killed Leila because of her unfaithfulness. However, the Gaiour killed Hassan to revenge for the death of his lover. The Poet explains how pursuit for love can be in vain. With panting heart and tearful eye. The line implies how pursuit for love is interesting but sometimes it becomes unsuccessful. Hassan killed Leila for betrayal yet he did not find peace in his life. The dead of Hassan symbolizes how love can lead to the loss of peace and miserable live despite the efforts to find success. The pursuit of the beauty is an interesting journey. For example, in the poem, the pursuer and perused experienced a terrible ending.

Leila sacrifices her beauty for the untold captivity. The beauty of Leila varnished in the hands of the pursuer Hassan. The death of Leila symbolizes the end of her beauty at the time she met with the pursuer. The aims of the pursuer are to fulfill the great desire and to attain the long lasting pleasure. However, the pursuit of pleasure and the inner desire varnished and both the pursuit and the pursuer ended in sorrow. The death of the pursuer and the pursuit symbolize the sacrifices people make because of sexual relationships. In this case, the pursuer did not enjoy the fruits of his sacrifices after the Gaiour killed him. The death shot pealed of murder near, He died too in the battle broil (402). The battle in the poem is the fight for love between the Gaiour and Hassan. Love, in this case, confuses the lives of the pursuers. For example, it raises questions why Hassan killed her lover and later lost his life in pursuit of remorse. The Gaiour himself is confused and pursues love in hard situations. The confusion of romanticism triggered death of Hassan. I agree with the author that indeed loves is a sacrifice and the pursuit of love do not always result in a fruitful end. The theme romanticism is clear in the poem because the characters plaid their roles well to bring clear the consequences of pursuing love.

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