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For the Time You Can't Escape

The author, Grace Haley, has successfully produced a literature masterpiece: poem that clearly portrays alienation, freedom and isolation as the main themes. The title choice is perfectly accompanied by a series of lines that clearly portrays a perfect match. According, to how the author has structured the poem, the reader is able to find a connection between the title and the poems content after reading the first three to four lines. The author begins his poem on a depressing tone as portrayed by its first line: I dont enjoy being here. This first line shows the extent to which escape is desired by whoever is in the writers poem context, but he/she has no that ability as its reiterated by the poems title. From the rhythmic structure of the poem it can be deduced that the poems structure is meter (Fulk et al. 2016).

The authors choices of the tone and the words perfectly matches the themes portrayed on the poem. For instance, freedom as a theme is depicted from the poems title through its whole body and towards the end where the author says: I choose to leave but I am not allowed. This shows his/her freedom is infringed. its seems like the writing of this poem is inspired by either a fictional situation or a real life experience of the author as it describe the effects of ones freedom being infringed and being in a lonely state. Thus, alienation as a theme is portrayed through the authors poem that depicts the effects and loneliness associated with being locked up. However, towards the end the writer clearly shows there may be some options available through the ending question: Do I obey.

Safe place

The author has perfectly chosen the fitting title to the literature piece. Literary, the author depicts a situation where the starring is search of the safest place to receive personal call, which needs to be secretive and they are in a house with the company of her parents. Love, freedom and security are the main themes that the poet aims at addressing.

According to the poems context, the starring appears to be a lady in a house probably with her parents and her boyfriend is calling her at time when she is in a very insecure situation that it is hard for her to receive the call normally. Although, some questions are triggered in the minds of the reader: why would parents seem a threat to their children in such circumstances? Or why is the starring not true to both herself and the parents?

Worry and anxious are the major tones associated with the poem. According to how the situation is depicted in third and four stanza, the starring seems to be in a state of anxiety and at the same time worried of her security. The starring seems to be worried about both the parents and how Jordan will think of her in case she does not receive the call.

Generally the poem has good imagery but the writer has not specified, in any way the gender of the starring character.

Victory over the bucking Branco

The author marries the poems title, victory over the banking branco, with the first paragraph by depicting the characters strength through the use of allusions in explaining how their strength is superior in comparison to both his brother and sister. The author uses a combination of many poetic devices in giving his narration. Generally, ambition, courage and discovery are some of the major themes portrayed by the author.

The author has structured his poem by mainly using stanzas alongside other structural devices such as line break in between the verses. The theme of courage is widely depicted throughout the poem. For instance, in the first stanza the author uses line: but not me, no, my grip was too strong, which implies the inner motivation that drove him all the way. Ambition as a theme is portrayed by the character in stanza two where he seems to be overwhelmly joyous of the achievement. The last line of the verse two, I was so proud of my five-year-old self for obtaining, clearly depicts self-appreciation as result of the achievement.

However, the first and the last stanza confuses the reader as they are in contradiction. In the first stanza the writer portrays the character as a five-year old baby, on the contrary in the last stanza second line: the love of a man working so hard for his family, portrays the character as a family man. When writing such a poem its important to give the reader a clear picture of the character depicted as far as gender and age are concerned.

Mr. President

The author tries to give a narration on how the president of the United States starts his day. Its commendable how the writer manages to specifically target the current president, Donald Trump, with details on activities he is involved in on daily basis clearly defined. The title of the poem seems ambiguous to some extend and the writer would have created a more specific title that clearly give a clear hint on what the poem is all about in as far as Mr. president is concerned.

Betrayal, courage, deception, and fear are some of the themes that the author manages to clearly depict as he gives the narration. Through the use of a depressing tone the author successfully depicts thought of Trump with respect to betrayal and deception. Media is the main agent associated with both deception and betrayal. The writer proceeds to specify media stations involved in ironically tainting the image of the president as bad to the general public. The president is portrayed as one courageous man who always concentrates on ensuring the country gets the best deal out of his every move despite the negative critics.

Generally, the writer succeeds in depicting how the good triumphs over the evil. The evil in this poems context is the acts of deception and betrayal linked to the specified media stations. The poetic is of a good imagery but the author should concentrate on structuring the poem in a manner that facilitates understanding by the reader.

Jacque Matuza

The author structures his poem line breaks alongside using suspension to narrate a story with any hint with regard to character identification. The title of the poet does not marry with the content in any direct manner. However, the author correctly uses some rhetoric devices such as analogy in providing descriptions. For instance, in line three the author uses river breaking through the earth to paint a mental picture on the readers mind of how the rain was trailing and curving into the cracks.

Betrayal, ambition, and survival are some of the major themes that are depicted the author in the short poem. Through self-determination the character ambitiously suffers a number of setbacks and keeps moving forward. Betrayal as theme can be directly pointed at a car that splashes water to the character who seems to be in bad state. The driver noticed and ignored the presence of someone on the roadside and consequently slow down to reduce the impact of the splash.

However, the author has failed to provide at least one statement that links the poems title with its body. The title of the poem should tell a reader what the poem is all about at a glimpse. In addition, the author could use structural devices such as stanzas, rhyme, and line break to boost the authenticity and to simplify the poems message to the readers. A reader would pose questions such as, what caused the said darkness in the last line? Did the character die after glimpse of wood?



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