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Confucianism is a traditional Chinese doctrine of literati scholars representing more of than the values of people (Yao, 38). According to Yao (42), Confucianism contains political. An ethical, religious and political tradition where its functions have been installed by a guiding principle and underlying ideology commanding the way of life in China while enlightening other East Asian countries. The pillar of traditional Chinese culture has been as a result of Confucianism an ideological system created by Confucius. Confucianism plays a significant role in the East Asian philosophy, politics, culture, ethics, and religion.

Traditional Chinese philosophy with Confucianism as the main body primarily depends on the clan system which dictates on the honoring the emperor which demands harmony in the community by a virtual of helping each other. Liu, Sung-Chieh, and George (54) argue that Confucianism economic and social structure can be regarded as the epitome of an ideal manifestation base. Confucian has played a significant role in the cultural and social development as a kind of ethics and philosophy of life. Though it was instrumental in the Chinese culture, it hindered the growth of science and other productive forces.

In comparison to the modern world, people view Confucianism as a more state of mind. Though this is the case, others are proposed to it indicating that it returns wisdom while others are opposed to it claiming that it has to be held responsible for its negative impact on Chinese development and its dominance should not be revived. When Chinese president Xi Jinpin took power, he promised to rejuvenate his nation by a virtual of the Chinese Dream. The significance of this was to make China a strong, harmonized and civilized modern society by 2049. Today, the Chinese government has created Confucianism institutes to spread its influence reflecting a negative political image to the western states. The spread of cultural values to the younger generation has increased making china impossible to promote a strong national image.

Every person is entitled to an understanding of their rights and responsibilities whereby freedom and autonomy are entitled but if this is not communicated from generation to generation intergenerational tension rises. Creating this generations gaps hinders the growth of cultural heritage which is through customs, knowledge, and skills. Confucianism has already been integrated into the daily lives of many Asian cultures. It is gaining popularity and materials related to Confucianism being significantly liked indicating a dominance for a high demand for Confucian knowledge.

Confucianism is intensive and succinct, and it is more of a doctrine than the belief of religion because it took part in the heritage and integral part of Chinese traditional culture. Confucianism is a reasoning that considers appropriate conduct and human relations as the premise of the general public. In the quest for virtuous intentions, Confucianism puts a forward rule that characterizes decent behavior or states of mind toward other individuals and additionally toward oneself. Confucianism is a mind-boggling arrangement of social and political morals in light of obedient devotion, connection, dedication and exemplary nature. Confucius was for the most part inspired by how to realize societal request and agreement. Today, Confucius is back in provision. His accentuation on symphonious societal relations is a solid match with the current administration want for strength and social congruity.


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