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Mohammad is a citizen of the United States who has a son Omar; his son is not a citizen and subject to immigration laws he may be deported to Iran because his stay in the US is illegal.  At the moment Mohammad is very sick, and it is his son who cares for him; the imminent threat of Omars deportation would jeopardize the health of Mohammad a great deal since he would have no one to take care of him. Mohammad suffers from a severe heart condition, high blood pressure, bladder cancer is completely deaf. He is well aware that without his son Omar he would not be able to care himself or function; besides, he has no other family members to watch over him save for his son. Below are insights regarding Mohammad's challenges subject to separation and relocation?


Separation would revolve around Omar having to leave Mohammad. Mohammad would have a hard time then after because his financial disposition cannot allow him to pay for home nursing. The advantage of Omars presence is that he offers something next to hospice care. In addition to that, his presence is also therapeutic in terms of giving his father psychological comfort. Despite physical cares, the psychological aspect is very important since Omars presence gives Mohammad mental strength. Even if Mohammad were to find another nurse to take care of him in the United States after his son is deported back to Iran there is a likelihood that he may get hurt with respect to the absence of his beloved Omar.


Relocation can also be another consideration of Omar and Mohammed; this is very much possible because the two are both Iranians i.e. Mohammad is a dual citizen of US and Iran. All the same, it is worth mentioning that this is not a very feasible option because of the financial disposition and purchasing power parity of Mohammad and Omar. Relocation to Iran would mean that Mohammad would no longer be a beneficiary of the Medicare and Medicaid health care insurance programs that are at the disposition of all citizens in the United States. In addition to that, it would be required of him to make adjustments and spend a lot of money on healthcare upon setting foot in Iran; this is because having spent most of his life in America would be a bit late for him to get meaningful health insurance. Iran is also a country that is politically unstable; it is for this very reason that he fled the country and came to America with Omar in the first place. Staying at a place where violence could erupt anytime while one is used to peace is a really trying situation. Mohammad and Omar's situation is pretty much of a dilemma; separation would be disheartening to the father (even Omar would not be at peace upon his deportation) and traveling to Iran would mean low quality medical care subject to financial constraints.


This is a case of a very sad story; deportation is a factor that affects the well-being of many immigrant citizens in the United States. Respective to Omar and Mohammad, relocation would mean denying Mohammad quality Medicare in the US (bad physically) and Omar is moving to Iran would mean depriving a father of the love and care of his son (bad psychologically). There is no best bet here.

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