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How did you promote your physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being through recreation participation as you were growing up?

As I grew up, I ventured so much into the sports industry as a way to use my spare time and handball being my recreational sport. By participating in handball, I promoted my physical, emotional, social well-being and intellectual since the game itself made men feel relaxed. I did join with my teammates after class and do some jog up, press ups and ball work that relieved all the pressures in me. All the time I played, I could improve my moods, improve my concentration, reduce my depression and stress and improve my sleeping habits. All these were a reality to me since the sport made me physically active hence no time my mind was left to wander or get distracted from the daily stressors. All my negative thoughts were bogged down by my engagements in playing handball.

Examples of how you now or in the past engaged in each type of play listed below

Nonsocial play

In handball, we have seven players who are taking part in the game. In some instances, I take part in the sport from the bench. I usually take part by observing on the common mistakes my teammates make. I concentrate so much in identifying their mistakes so that when my chance will arrive in taking part in the play, I won't commit the same errors.

Solitary Play

On the pitch, we usually have some time to evaluate after the game on what went wrong or well. At that time, I typically visualize on my weaknesses and how I will outwit our opponents when am playing. Thus, the extensive evaluation helps me not get distracted from any negative thoughts hence promoting my concentration and make me relaxed.

Onlooker play

Am usually so active when am on the bench. I either take part in cheering or congratulate my teammates for good game. Am engaged through social interaction with the crowd through cheers.

Parallel Play

When am late to join up with the rest of my teammates, it ideally that I should practice on my own. I usually do everything they are doing on the pitch, but for my case, it is called ball warming. It aids me to be psychologically and physically fit like the rest of my teammates.

Associative play

Sometimes I go and watch other teams play handball when we have no game. Am usually keen to spot on new tactical approaches that I should copy and apply in my play. I may not be playing with them, but I feel involved with them mentally but not activity wise.

Cooperative Play

Once for a while, I do attend fixtures of professional handball playoffs. Am usually attached to their way of play since they are professionals and the players themselves. I feel socially identifiable with the game of handball and these players. I love the skill in them and organizations they have hence I feel that am part of them already, though am not the one playing alongside them.

Which type of post-retirement leisure behavior would you like for yourself? Which type are you most likely to be?

When I retire, I will love to spend my leisure and recreational time well because that age requires such lifestyle. With the kind of my lifestyle, adventure and relaxation, I would like to be grouped under concentrators' retirement leisure behavior group. I say so because concentrators are deemed to participate so much in leisure activities hence enjoying satisfaction significantly in life.

Based on the types of recreation and the attitudes toward leisure that prevailed, in which one of the historical periods (an ancient society, medieval, renaissance, colonial America, the 1800s) described in Chapter 1 can you picture yourself living? Why?

From all these recreations and leisure, I picture myself in football sport. Football unites a nation hence I will love to engage and get associated with a recreational activity that brings our country together. Football promotes togetherness consequently by participating myself leisure time in such an event, I will contend.

What commonalities do you see in the leisure of all or most of these periods?

From all these leisure, the most commonalities evident is that they lead to the participant getting physically fit. Secondly, they promote the act of play and thirdly led to urbanization in most centers.

What do you predict will be the future of recreation and leisure in the 21st century?

The future holds an exceptional place in general and philosophy in the human mind. Thus, recreation and leisure in the future are predicted to help men in the evolution of their brains as part of cognitive capabilities in forecasting what the future holds through induction, logic and abstract imagination.

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