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Research indicates that humans are by far the most advanced creatures on earth. The complexity of the human race encompasses a wide range of paradigms such as psychology, physiology, and behavior. Over the years, scientists have come up with techniques of classifying people. The goal of this essay is to identify the most critical categories of categorizing people. According to this paper, the classes of human classification are divided based on two approaches, that is, objective approach and subjective approach. The two approaches are discussed below.

Objective Approach

This approach relates to the existence of material facts based on actual objects that are real. These objects are not influenced by feelings or human emotions but by observable facts. Under this approach, this essay discusses height as an object belonging to this category.


Human stature or height refers to the distance of one's body from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head. Like in animals, height also differs in people. This difference is visible even in families where there exist cases of identical twins. Variation in tallness is a common physiological occurrence in most people. For instance, there are those who are considered to be tiny, short, tall, super tall and giants. The latter ceases to exist in today's world, but archeological facts prove their existence in pre-historic time. The tiny refers to the categories of infants. For toddlers of ages between twelve months and fifteen months, the height usually varies between 19.8 31.8 inches.

Also, for a three-year-old girl, the average height often ranges from 35- 40 inches. At this age, boys are usually an inch taller than girls. In most countries, females having elevations below 5 feet 5 inches are considered to be short. Men should be half inch taller than the height of women. Research shows that averagely a tall man should have a height of 5 feet 10 inches while tall females should be half inch shorter than the former. For males, the super tall have an average height of 6 feet while for females is between 5.7 to 5.9 feet. However, variation of height in humans is often dependent on factors like race and ethnicity. Therefore, it is vital to consider such factors when classifying people according to height.

Subjective Approach

This approach is based on human emotions and feelings. It pertains to subjects as opposed to objects. It originates from within the observer and ignores the existence of material facts present in the external environment. This paper discusses kindness as a subject belonging to this category.


Kindness refers to the act of showing concern sincerely to others without expecting a return of the favor. In today's society, research indicates that alongside attractiveness, age, behavior and social status, another quality that most married couples value is being kind to one's partner. However, not all acts of kindness are genuine. Some people fake sympathy to acquire status in the society while others show it while in essence expecting something in return in the future In discussing the categories of people, this section discusses three kinds of kindness, that is, spontaneous kindness, planned kindness, and fakes it till you make it kindness.

The former originates in response to a perceived need or opportunity. For example, you might see a blind person struggling to cross a road and offer a helping hand. The primary objective of this type of kindness is to lighten the burden of others. Another kind of kindness is the planned kindness. This category involves planning for a particular act of kindness you wish to do to a specific recipient(s). For example, one can create time to visit and offer gifts to orphans on a particular day. The last type of kindness is the fake it till you make it kindness. This is the type of kindness done with the goal of achieving some gain in return. For example, the term "nice guy" refers to a young adult male who portrays the act of being compassionate and sensitive to others. Also, the term can be used negatively to refer to a young adult male who pretends to do kindness to females with the aim of soliciting sex from them.


In a nutshell, classification of people covers a broad range of paradigms, and this is because of the complexity of human beings. Therefore, over the years researchers have developed various approaches of classifying people. The most common approaches include the subjective and objective models. The subjective approach employs subjects like kindness, love among others whereas objective approach employs objects like race, ethnicity and physiological factors such as variation in height. As a researcher, I am contented with the viability of these two approaches in the classification of man. They include the physiological and psychological factors that produce variation in the personality of people essential for classifying humans. However, there are also other approaches that are significant in categorizing humans. They include typological, population and clinal models of human classification. These models apply modern classification techniques.

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