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Vaccines are a hot topic, and it seems one needs to be on one side or the other. While the vaccines are constantly being monitored and improved, there is a minuscule risk with the introduction of an inactive or dead diseases-carrying antigen injected into the human body. Therefore, this minor risk can result in a group of people shying away from being vaccinated. My family believe in only child vaccination and there is no need to have adult vaccinations as it is not only a waste of money but also subjecting once body into unnecessary risks. However, despite explaining to my family on the advantages of taking adult vaccinations, they still declined to take adult shots. When I explained to my parents I desired to have the adult shots, they were very rowdy and threatened to cut me of their health insurance cover as I was intentionally putting myself in a vulnerable situation. It is evident many parents especially those from older generations have no understanding of importance of adult vaccination. Furthermore, many of the adult vaccinations are expensive and this is one of the primary fears for the parents.

Some of the concerns my parents regarding taking adult vaccines were; the extensive list of vaccinations provided by the US has raised debate about whether some of the vaccines are necessary. Studies conducted indicated there was no need to take many vaccines. Instead, only the significant infections like polio and diphtheria should be recommended. My parents further emphasized if a person gets vaccinated as a child there is no need to get more vaccine as an adult. Two reasons to support their argument were first, more vaccines as a grown up means exposing the body to unnecessary risks. Second, it is not economical to keep taking shots as earlier noted. However, this is a misconception that once vaccinated during childhood should not be vaccinated again and this concept has misled many people. I countered their arguments by explaining, as the body ages, the defence mechanism weakens, and there is need to take vaccines to boost the immunity. The world infections are always getting tougher, and the body needs to be prepared to defend itself. Regarding the economic cost, when a doctor recommends a vaccine, the insurance policy needs to cover the cost, thus no need for financial burdens.

There are valid lessons that I learnt through the experience. First, the introduction of safe vaccines have saved lives, and there are no valid reasons to stop being vaccinated. The greatest fear in many parents or adults they are afraid with adult vaccination, there is a probability of exposing once body into unnecessary risks. However, studies conducted have proved there is minimal or no risk involved when taking adult shots. Second, some parents are noted to be ignorant and believe their children are safe even without vaccinations, thus, if children can survive without vaccinations why are there even adult vaccinations to start? Moreover, in the early years, there were no vaccines. Instead, the physicians advised the parents to let their kids mingle with others and with time the children would develop immune systems to fight off diseases in the future. For parents like mine who are sceptical regarding adult vaccination, it was a challenge to convince them that adults need to get a boost on their immune system with the evolving infectious diseases. Third, there is need to further sensitize on the need to have adult vaccines given many times the adults are ignorant. Fourth, there is a big list of vaccinations in the world. The US has been recorded to use more shots than nearly all of Asian and Europe combined. Many of the vaccines are given multiple times in a childs life, and a repetition done in adulthood. Fifth, vaccination is necessary for maximum body functioning. Without vaccines especially during childhood and while aging, the body defence weakens and for an individual to remain vigilant, it is a need to have a disease-fighting system. Six, high costs associated with adult vaccination are a bother to many adults. However, many of them are not aware that their health insurance cover ought to cover for their vaccinations.

In summary, my decision to take an adult shot caused a lot of discomfort to my parents when I presented them with the idea. They tried to talk me out of the idea but I got the adult vaccination anyway. However, despite explaining to them on the importance of adult vaccination, they still insisted it was not a wise idea. Furthermore, they went ahead and threatened to cut me of their health insurance if I went ahead and got the adult vaccination. Evidently there is little information regarding importance of adult vaccination. Cost and exposure to unnecessary risks are noted as the primary causes of fear for many people to even consider to take the adult shots. Thus, the government need to initiate education campaigns to further explain on the need for the adult shots.

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