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Me. Hello, Monica, Im glad to see your call. How are things going at home? Monica. Things are okay; its long time since you passed by. Me. Yeah, youre right, its been a while. You dont sound okay; you know you can always count on me for confidentiality. The last time we talked, you mentioned your partners problem with drinking. Has he hurt you? Monica. You know he gets violent at times, hes been very different for the last one month, I thought it was just a one-moment thing, but its been routine. Me. Monica, at your age, 60 or 64 you look pretty, how do you find your relationship given that youve stayed together for quite a long time? Monica. Am turning 72 next month, hey, he fights me, and hes used nearly all our savings on alcohol. Me. What! Thats unfortunate. So how are you today? Monica. He came home last night and hit me in the chest. Me. Why would he do that? Monica. He couldnt find my credit card; I hide it from him. Me. Did you give it to him? Monica. Yeah, he threatened to kill me if I didnt. Me. That sounds strange; do you think your life in danger? Monica. I do, he no longer cares about anyone. He currently behaves like hes got nothing to lose. Me. Im so sorry about that. Most people fear to live in abusive relationships, so I wonder if you have a problem with that too. Monica. Ooh! Yeah, I do, but I dont see any way out because my husband was once a very loving man but just changed for the worse. Me. So according to all these abusive acts, what do you intend to do? Monica. I feel like having a divorce. Me. How is your chest? Monica. Not good, am in a lot of pain, and I have difficulty in breathing. Me. Have you seen a doctor? Monica. Not yet, I feel a little weak, but Ive called my daughter Maggie. She will take me see my doctor. Did you eat something? I had some snacks from my fridge, you know I never run sort of food. Me. Yeah, I guessed so, where do you live nowadays? Monica. I still live in Georges fourth block No. 546. Me. Thanks a lot, Monica, will you let me know when you get doctors results, I may pass by? Monica. Ooh yeah, I will. Thanks for your time.

Domestic elder abuse entails mistreatment of elders from the people they have unique connections with including spouse, caregiver, and friends among others. Institutional maltreatment in contrast related to mistreatments that occur in residential facilities (Wood, Liu, Hanoch, & Estevez-Cores, 2015). Monicas case constitutes a domestic abuse perpetrated by her husband. Monicas case can be solved by being attached to a caregiver in a protected place or nursing center (Mosqueda, Wiglesworth, Moore, Nguyen, Gironda, & Gibbs, 2016). My intention after hearing Monicas case is to get hard evidence from medical report and convince her to take the issue to the relevant authorities including police and accept to testify against her husband in court or support service. As a result, she will not feel isolated and depressed over her situation. Alternatively, I can assess her relationship with her daughter and discuss what she thinks about moving to her daughter's place for care.


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