Education Essay Example: Reshaping the Traditional Composition Course ENG 104

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Different changes could be applied to improve the student's performance in college in relation to the particular course. As seen from the provided article and also via observation the course happens to be frustrating to many students and only a few tend to excel in the comp course. The article clearly covers some ideas that could help rectify this issue and push it to favor of both the students and the lecturers. For the students, it would come as passing the unit comfortably and for the lecturers, it becomes their pleasure to have succeeding students in their respective units. There are different ways to reshape the traditional college composition course ENG 104 and in this paper, we get to focus on some of these approaches.

The first change that would have the greatest impact is the nature of the course's syllabus. With the current developments in relation to the learning generation, I would be much more effective if the course would touch on more recent matters that the learning generation can relate to. These gives the students a direct connection to the current word experiences and hence give them more desire to participate in the class. Students in the current generation tend to easily relate more to trending matters hence if this is to be related to the course the students' performance is likely to improve.

Another possible change that would improve the courses outcome would be the universities rules; the attendance of classes is one of the biggest problems that lead to the poor performance of the students in this particular course. This is a problem that can be fixed by the school administration by imposing more strict rules to those who miss the classes of the respective course. This may sound difficult to achieve but with a little determination and pressure from the respective department, it can be achieved. Rules such as students will lose marks if the fail to attend classes, or if one misses a certain number of the lectures they are supposed to retake the unit. A strict measure such as discontinuation in case a student misses a certain number of classes. Such rules will instill fear in the students and they will be forced to attend all the classes. By doing so they tend to learn a lot in the process, this will in return improve the performance of each student.

With the current developments in technology, this can be used as a way to reshape the traditional college composition course. Different learning platforms have been implemented with forums such as discussion platforms which tend to relate a lot to the current generation. These platforms can be accessed from anywhere by the students and the course can be the trending topic of this group. This will help the students learn more about the course not only the content they get to learn in class but they can have a chance to learn more even when not in class the forums can involve lecturers and other students who have covered the unit and they can all share their knowledge in relation to the course. This approach makes learning experience interesting and more desirable by the student. With such change, the expected results will change.

The mentioned ideas would reshape the traditional college composition; this would give a different feel for the course to the students hence capturing their attention more. With more attention on directed to the course the chances of the students filing will be minimal and we will have reshaped the traditional college composition course

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