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Developmental psychologists are professionals who are responsible for accounting the growth, change, and consistency throughout the life. The professionals visualize the thinking, feeling and behavior variation during the individuals life. According to Rachels Does parental sexual orientation matter? she deduced that family processes are crucial than a family structure to longitudinal child effect and family performance (Farr, 2017). She illustrated this by assessing children adopted by lesbians and gay parents: appeared to be well-adjusted both early and middle childhood. Additionally, despite the sexual orientation children had fewer problem issues and parents experienced less parenting pressure.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering came into practice among humans long ago with plants and animals however little were known until the invention of deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA). There has been significant growth of this discipline with the discovery of Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) technology which reduced engineering cost by 99%. In 2015 scientist used CRISPR to cut the HIV out of the living cells which they carried on the rats and concluded it possible to cut out HIV and other retroviruses.

Despite the milestone that genetic has made that a variety of complex ethical issues to handle. For instance what if the blending living things results intentionally or not in chimeric beings possessing a high caliber of intelligence would they still be treated the same humans or would they have special attention (Bruce, 2014). Secondly, the study has a lot of positive results which will access the technologies and the selection criteria for the scarce resources. Additionally, have the scientist considered the probability that these designer babies, for instance, will be prone to certain health risks or negative impact of genetically modified meals (Bruce, 2014).Furthermore, is there research on the environment long-term effects when the modified animals or plants are released into the ground? (Walton, 2016) Lastly, there is a chance of developing humans with physical or behavioral traits that not human.In summary, the creation aspect of life should be left to God alone, violation of its immoral and unnatural, scientifically this invention may be disastrous than the kind of diseases or problems that already exist.


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