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Solu-Medrol is a corticosteroid that is used to treat inflammation that is caused by various reasons such as allergic reaction and septic shock, by suppressing the immune system (Annane, 2011). Some of these conditions may lead to organ failure and hence death, and for this reason, they need urgent treatment. Solu-Medrol is used in the intensive care unit as an injection through the intravenous path. To be able to control the inflammation process, there must be a management pattern for both the immune system and the neuroendocrine systems which support the inflammation activities. Therefore, suppressing the immune system blocks the pathway that facilitates the progression of inflammation in the human body. Solu-Medrol is used in the treatment of conditions such as blood disorders, eye conditions, arthritis, and lung diseases among other conditions.

When the injection of Solu-Medrol is introduced into the body through the intravenous path, it decreases the response of the immune system to the above named and other conditions. The outcome is reduced symptoms such as inflammation, allergic reaction, and pain. In the intensive care unit, the patients are in severe condition, and fast response to medication is required (, 2017). The patients in the intensive care unit cannot take Solu-Medrol via their mouth, and it has to be introduced in solution form via the intravenous path. The injection is administered close to the spine. Solu-Medrol should be used only with its diluent and should happen with two days after mixing. The first dose depending on the condition at hand should range between 10g and 40mg (, 2017). The administration of the Solu-Medrol should continue until the condition has stabilized. However, the dosage should not continue after 2 or three days. 0.5mg of Solu-Medrol per Kg in 24 hours should be the minimum amount to be administered.

Option 2

The selected drug is Solu-Medrol administered through the IV path, used in the treatment of the condition such as arthritis and allergies by controlling inflammations. More than 730 drugs with more than 3245generic and brand names are known to interact with Solu-Medrol (, 2017). There are more than 82 major interactions, more than 75 minor interactions, and more than 572 moderate interactions. For instance, amprenavir, albuterol, and amiloride respectively are just samples which come in different generic and brand names as they interact with Solu-Medrol. The drug also has food and alcohol interactions which include; grape juice, which increases the level of blood which brings complication during treatment.

Solu-Medrol, also have interactions with some diseases which include latent tuberculosis and hypernatremia. For instance, in latent tuberculosis, a patient with an allergic reaction may have the condition reactivated Solu-Medrol is used for treatment (, 2017). For this reason, latent tuberculosis has to be treated first. The black box warnings include a contraindication for people with an allergy towards any of the Solu-Medrol components. Patients with systemic fungal infections, people scheduled for a live vaccine, and premature infants should not be treated using Solu-Medrol. The appropriate patient for Solu-Medrol, is one who is suffering from arthritis, blood conditions, lung conditions, allergic reactions and many others that lead to inflammation. The patient should not be a premature infant any if eligible for prescription should not have a history of interaction with a component of Solu-Medrol. The patients in intensive care units should be administered the drug via their intravenous pathway. Patient with conditions that may reveal an unwanted interaction with the medication.



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