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Abortion is a process of terminating a pregnancy by doing away with the embryo hence affecting the birth process of a baby. All over the world, abortion is either done in hospitals legally or illegally depending on the laws governing various countries. The reason why abortion is associated with hospitals merely is that it is done in two forms. These are; taking the pills or undergoing a minor surgery to remove the fetus. Abortion can, therefore, be termed to be an intentional or unintentional act. For instance, a miscarriage occurs unwillingly, and ho human being has control over it, it is a spontaneous thing. On the other hand, we have induced abortion which is done by a willing party due to various reasons. When this abortion is done by unskilled people, it causes harm and long-term effects to the mother. Where law allows abortion, it is done safely by qualified individuals using modern methods of medication. Different religious, cultural views and laws passed by the government have made the concept abortion to be complicated regarding its legitimacy (Rosalind pg. 13-20). This is why we have different groups supporting and opposing abortion. The rate of abortion has reduced globally after organizations like WHO intervened through education to mothers. Therefore, this essay gives arguments of abortion as a murder.

Abortion is a murder of the unborn children. Usually, a mother is expected to deliver after nine months of conception. When the due process is followed, a baby is born. Contrary to this, abortion is the process meant to kill the fetus hence justifying the term murder. It is too bad to kill an innocent child who would become someone prominent in future. In some counties, this murder is regarded as a criminal case and a fine charged with severe punishments therein. For nations that have legalized abortion, the mother first goes through counseling and abiding documents signed as an evidence of compliance. Abortion may also be a murder to the mother. The life of the mother is in danger while undergoing the surgical procedure. You may never know the fate, and complications may arise causing her death. It is evident that unsafe abortion constitutes around 13% of the maternal deaths. In the long run, abortion affects the survival chances of other children to come. This is because there is damage to the entrance of womb and the womb itself weakens hence making it hard to hold an embryo for the required months. This leads to miscarriage which is a "murder."

Due to many definitions of murder, this topic becomes controversial. For instance, according to the dictionary, murder refers to the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought. This means that if abortion is legalized, it is not a murder and vice-versa. Therefore, abortion is viewed as a murder according to the law enacted in and the situation. Despite abortion being legal by the government or not, the fact remains that it is murder and violation of the law of God. Some nations support abortion as a way of reducing the birthrates. The mother carrying the baby is not the only murderer, the doctor who assists her to do the act is also considered as a murderer. Doing abortion does not only pertain killing the baby expected to be born, but it is also a societal decay. This is an act that is not culturally advocated for. Some take it as the bad omen that the mother has even "murdered" the society. Especially in rural places, one is perceived to be so immoral after doing such an act.

From the biblical perspectives, abortion is murder. The bible specifies explicitly that not all killings are murder. For instance, animals were killed for food and sacrifice, and soldiers were also ordered to kill other soldiers of another side. Bible regards abortion as a murder in the sense that it is unlawful and it involves the killing of one human being by another. The fetus is human since it has life in it. The only features that distinguish us from the fetus are is age and level of understanding. Therefore, if a mother destroys the fetal development, she is automatically murdering a unique life of a human being like her among others. In the Bible, the same penalty of death is given to anyone who causes the death of a baby in the womb. This shows that God recognizes the baby in the womb as a human being who deserves life and proper treatment just like others. Christians post a question to defend themselves, which asks, what about a situation when the life of the mother is at risk (Donald pg. 3-10)? The same scripture James 1:5 advise any couple facing such challenging to pray God for wisdom since He is God of miracles. All these statements put a human being in a dilemma of precisely what should be done. That why this topic is termed to be so contradicting when we borrow points from a layman perspective, medicine, experience, and bible.

In conclusion, the unborn babies are worth living. Protecting their life despite the situation is essential. Murder is bad, all babies in the womb are innocent, and it is both unconstitutional and unbiblical to do away with their lives. Some abortion cases are understandable like once involving rape, incest, and mothers at risk. 95% constitute cases where mothers don't want to own the baby. I may term this as being irresponsible and going against the will of God. Mothers should remember that human beings are created in the image of God. We are, therefore, of God. Murdering unborn child is like killing God. Children are also blessings to the world at large. They form new generation which participates in the development of a country. It is the high time mothers to stop seeing babies as a burden and rather advocate for a positive attitude towards all unborn children. It is also advisable to control external forces which pressurize mothers to do abortion. Husbands and friends catalyst this process. Watching videos also influence most of the decisions mothers to take. Doctors being directly in contact with mothers should also be the first to advocate for anti-abortion and teach them on the implications of abortion on their lives.

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