Gay Men with Mental Illness and Drug Abuse - Interventions

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Individuals frequently concentrate more on those examinations that utilize perceived diagnoses like major depression and anxiety as opposed to different pointers of psychological health or drug use. This happens because many individuals may encounter side effects of mental health issues or consume liquor and various medications, yet this by itself may not bring about huge damage or disability. The GLBT community is known to use some substances at higher rates than heterosexual people. The purpose of this report is in unsafe or risky liquor or medication use. Thus our regard for those investigations that utilized demonstrative criteria, as the best available measure of issues.A larger part of international examinations has discovered that GLBT people experience the ill effects of psychological health disorders at an inherently higher rate than the hetero populace. This finding happens across both sexual orientations, and in both youth and grown-up populations. For instance, a study has proven that gay men are more than twice as likely to have anxiety disorders than straight men (Matthew-Simmons & Carragher). The same case applies to depression and suicidality.

Prevention is a need with GLBT individuals; both AOD and MH issues are preventable, and intercessions, for example, supportive counseling amid adolescence is probably going to diminish the danger of later psychological well-being or substance abuse issues. Preventing segregation and shame is a fundamental part of any long way to deal with decreasing AOD and MH issues among gay men. For instance, there is a little yet persuasive writing that shows the connection between acknowledgment of same-sex marriage and enhanced psychological health status and reduced AOD issues (Matthew-Simmons & Carragher). However, while we can recognize particular treatment requirements for some GLBT, in the fundamental GLBT treatment results are the same concerning non-GLBT individuals, and regard for sexuality-related issues in treatment does not seem, by all accounts, to be basic, nor primarily favored by customers

In spite of the generous number of papers distributed in the region of GLBT, enormous numbers of the exploration reports are to a great extent distinct, and the epidemiological examinations with suitable correlations bunches are little in number. Look into which analyzes GLBT and non-GLBT populaces crosswise over psychological well-being and liquor, and other medical issues are small. It likewise seems imperative to focus study exertion among cross-sexual populaces, as this group appears to encounter a bigger number of problems than the gay groups.



Matthew-Simmons, F., & Carragher, N. (n.d.). Prevalence of and interventions for mental health and alcohol and other drug problems amongst the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community: a review of the literature.


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