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A study, on diabetes prevalence, conducted by the world health organization in 2015 indicates that 382 million people have diabetes globally (WHO, 2016). The same study reveals a 23.9% prevalence rate in Saudi Arabia consequently ranking the country 6th place out of the top ten nations. This statistical graph, attributed to the change in socio-economic changes in people of Saudi Arabia people has, in retrospect, raised qualms on the level of disease awareness in the region. Understanding the populace`s general level of awareness of any disease is crucial for the planning of future programs by health educators. This essay seeks to evaluate the level of diabetes mellitus awareness in Saudi Arabia.

Research on the level of awareness of diabetes mellitus in central Saudi Arabia indicates a 93.20% response rate (El Bcheraoui et al, 2013). Logistic regression indicates that men are twice more likely knowledgeable in the disease than women. The diabetes scores among the participants are as follows ( Sherif, & Sumpio, 2015):

General knowledge of the disease-71.1%

Risk factors-63.40%

Symptoms -80.80%


Additionally, research indicates that a disproportionate number of Saudi Arabians receive awareness on the disease through media, friends, and relatives as major sources (Martinez-Perez et al, 2013) The figures depict just how disproportionately small the level of diabetes awareness regarding symptoms and complication is to the Saudi people ( Bahammam, 2015). Out of the 2007 respondents, 19.1% of the population access diabetic information from healthcare professionals indicating the need for creation of more awareness of diabetes in Saudi Arabia.

Diabetic retinopathy refers to a tertiary condition (blindness) caused by chronic diabetes mellitus. Another study conducted on all primary health cares in Riyadh city, in 2015 to assess the level of awareness indicates that only 46%(100) of the physicians are aware that diabetic retinopathy is asymptomatic in the early stages of the disease. (Guariguata et al, 2014) Further, a significant association was found to exist between education level and diabetes awareness. The degree of disease awareness is higher in members of educated households than uneducated families. Although awareness is rife through social media, more awareness programs should be enacted for the fight against diabetes.


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