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How do recommendations made on the basis of these meta-analyses work to improve quality of care?

Meta-analysis is more intensive and reliable research study compared to other methods of research since it is as a result of combing multiple research methods, it has a higher statistical power. Healthcare professionals can employ results achieved to boost their skills and abilities thus improving health care services offered. Additionally, the results achieved can be used to improve the strategies and techniques applied in most of the healthcare institutions (Donaldson et al., 1999).

Meta-analysis is a decision making based evidence. Health care professionals have an opportunity of participating in some of these Meta-analysis practices; this equips them with the knowledge to make informed and effective decisions which assist in improving the quality of care in hospitals. Conducting Meta-analysis establishes a single concrete conclusion from varies similar studies. This limits various conflicting theories which many health care professionals apply in treatment. Thus the application of uniform theories which are of great importance incases of consultancy (Kongstvedt, 2013).

Meta-analysis is much easier and less complicated since parallel results of various studies are accessed without collection of data which requires more time and more resources. Constant quality assessments can be conducted thus limiting the occurrence of unnecessary repeat research studies (Halper, 2004).

Why would basing a practice change on one research article be unreliable?

Some of the research studies may have biased data, and unfortunately, Meta-analysis approach cannot control this. The results achieved end up being biased which can largely affect the health care services delivered based on information from a single research. A practice change requires various models and information that can be implemented together or individually to achieve the desired results. Therefore, it is necessary during a practice change to carry out a cross-analysis on the different aspects that can be taken into consideration to achieve the desired results (Degoulet & Fieschi, 1997).

In conclusion, Meta-analysis research study is increasingly gaining momentum in most of the fields, healthcare being one of them. Meta-analysis is an is reliable research study which has to led improvements in health care services delivery and health care professionals should depend on it to ensure delivery of effective practices.



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