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Q.1. His role as a labor and deliver nursing member

The role of the respondent is to provide the required care to women immediately after the delivery process to ensure that they maintain their health and show positive recovery after childbirth. Like labor and delivery nurse, his role is also to ensure that the health of the infant is normal.

Q.2. How professionalism is defined and how professional responsibility influences his work as a Labor and Delivery Nurse.

Professionalism in Labor and delivery nursing defined as the ultimate readiness to provide the best of all care to the patients during the period of labor, delivery, neonatal stage and an inpatient obstetric and fetal monitoring. Also, they define professionalism regarding the required education to handle any emergency during labor, delivery and post delivery process. A professional nurse in any of the known health care centers must have a 24-month experience to be trusted to take part in the delivery and labor process of patients.

Since labor and delivery nursing discipline is a delicate process, each party has his or her duty to carry hence it requires perfection and dedication towards better performance to ensure that both the life of the mother and the baby are secured and maintained during and after the labor and delivery process. He works diligently to produce tremendous results to be ranked high in the discipline.

Q. 3. The consideration of leaders in the health care organization stewardship. Reasons.

They consider leadership in labor and nursing discipline to counter check the progress of all the nursing informatics during and after delivery. The other reason why the discipline considers leaders is because of the sub-divisions of the process and the large stages of labor and delivery process. Without leadership then the chain of service will stagnate in one way or another and may cause a mess. Stewardship is evident in the discipline to address the changing technological advancement that is introduced in healthcare facilities. Leadership is responsible for making relevant decisions to evoke the dilemma in nurses in an application of new methods of service delivery.

Q.4. Whether leadership should exercise the professional advocacy, power, and authenticity when dealing with colleagues. With Reasons.

There should be no exercising of power, advocacy and authenticity within the colleges since the labor and delivery nurses should have the required peace of mind considering that they should encourage, provide comfort, provide emotional support and all the necessities to the patient during all process. For that reason, exercising power, advocacy, and leadership authenticity may demoralize the service providers and negatively influence their service to the pregnant woman or the woman in delivery center hence resulting to danger to both the life of the fetus and the woman. The nursing interventions during childbirth and labor should be taken care with great concern to ensure that the service that the providers offer is relevant and appealing to the whole process. The kind of leadership carried out in the discipline of labor and delivery should be unique in the manner that the leaders should be enthusiastic to the colleagues so as not to provoke them during the service delivery at such a crucial and delicate situation. The colleges should be treated with compassion since their service to the patient requires a high level of comfort and compassion as a primary component of their service. Therefore, there should be moderate kind of leadership that ensures compassion as an atmosphere of the process.


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