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The nurse residency (NR) program is a one-year period nurse training and facilitation process that will see new graduate nurses transition from the students role to that of a professional nurse. It will involve a 12-month program where nurses will have preceptors or facilitators attached to them where they are expected to have developed practice project that is evidence-based at the end of one year (Goode, Krsek, & Bednash, 2009). They will be expected to attend nurse and hospital orientation after being placed under the policy count per unit. They will also attend classroom activities for four hours each month. It will see new graduate nurse residents being hired to cover new positions for graduates that are available in specific units (Huang, & Lin, 2010). This program is aimed at combating high rates of turnover among the new nurses. The program will have the following benefits and cons.


Nurses will get a salary allowance of $51.83 every hour at a 90% position accompanied by evening, weekend and night differentials (Herdrich, & Lindsay, 2006).

There will be salary increases of $54.42 after one completes a six-month period of employment with good and satisfactory evaluation.

All new nurses will be eligible for a benefits package involving dental, health, life, disability, and vision insurance cover, tax-deferred options of retirement, pension plan under UC retirement, programs on tax savings, continued tuition and education programs of reimbursement (Huang, & Lin, 2010).


Being newly introduced, no one has enough experience about them to testify of these benefits.

There is a probability of one running fall short of their unrealistic expectations of the staff since there will be no seniors to offer help or advice.

The programs may be malignant after all since they are just starting, so nurses expect anything.

They are subject to be proven to work well.

The NR and management trainee programs are just the same things since they involve dealing with new graduates and preparing them to become competent professionals in the corporate world. They both offer training for specified time usually one year (Altier, & Krsek, 2006). The fresh graduates are subjected to after-class orientation to the jobs they expect to be working and are usually subjected to some form of compensation under strict evaluations within the time they are under the program. The difference is that the NR program is set strictly for nurses while the management trainee programs cater for any other specialty in the market (Colbert, Ownby, & Butler, 2008). The NR is among the recommendations made by the Institute of Medicine to have an advanced trainee to better meet job demands.



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