Communication as a Problem in Clinical Practice - A Research Proposal Example

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Communication is a critical aspect and challenge experienced in nursing and clinical practice. Communication is essential for the dissemination of information from one department to the other. It, therefore, facilitates efficient service delivery within the nursing facilities. The treatment of patients is a process that involves the incorporation of different departments within the clinical facilities. Miscommunication among the nurses in the hospitals is a major problem experienced within the health centers. The referral of the patients from one department to the other requires efficient and well-constructed communications channels within the healthcare facilities. This study thus focuses on inappropriate communication as a major problem related to the clinical practice and nursing. Lack of an appropriate communication, therefore, results in poor service delivery and lack of satisfaction of the various clients visiting the clinical and nursing centers (Foronda et al., 2014).

As a clinical officer, communication challenges are common in the daily duties. Having experienced the challenges during my short-term attachment within a clinical center, I am thus focused on understanding the problem. I am interested in the topic to facilitate the finding of the solution to the communication problems within the healthcare facilities. I choose the topic because communication is key to the construction of the perfect relationship between the nurses, management, other collaborating health agencies, government and the patients within the healthcare facilities (Foronda et al., 2014).

Furthermore, I hope to gain more skills on how to improve and facilitate better communication strategies within the clinical and nursing facilities. Researching the topic also acts as a literature review to the various healthcare facilities experiencing communication problems. The findings of the study are thus elementary and will help in satisfying the needs of all stakeholders within the health services.

Evidence based nursing ensures the provision of health care services to the patient's evidence and scientific findings. It guarantees the delivery of appropriate decision-making mechanisms within the healthcare facilities. Evidence based nursing thus embraces research as a clinical tool for patients care (Foronda et al., 2014). This research will thus contribute to evidence based practice, as it will provide the clinical officers and nurses with perfect evidence from research and thus facilitate the proper decision-making process. The research will also ensure the enhancement of the service delivery as it promotes a good understanding of the various clinical conditions by the clinical nurses.



Foronda, C., Gattamorta, K., Snowden, K., & Bauman, E. B. (2014). Use of virtual clinical simulation to improve communication skills of baccalaureate nursing students: A pilot study. Nurse Education Today, 34(6), e53-e57.


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