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Nursing diagnosis is a process of examining the patient to identify their problem. It is not an easy task because it requires professionalism in order to come up with reasonable findings. To properly conduct a diagnosis, it is vital for a nurse to develop a patient and a nurse relationship in order to set the patient free. On the basis of what I have seen from the first video, the nurse developed a friendly relationship which allows the nurse to understand the psychological, physiological, sociological and spiritual condition of the patient. In this video, the nurse interviews the patient carries out physical examination and request for the health history of the patient. I really prefer this video as the best which can be used to offer the nursing diagnosis for five patients. It provides a more detailed health assessment which provides a nurse with an opportunity to find the correct findings of the patients problem.

The same video also shows the nurse using his educational judgment to identify health problem of the patient. In the video, the nurse conducts multiple health assessments for the same patient in order to assess whether the patient can develop further problems. Based on that I really prefer it as it is different from other videos showing nursing diagnosis. In addition, it reflects readiness of the patient to have health improvement. This step is very important because it is the action which establishes the course of treatment. Other videos do not include it but only show the first step of nursing diagnosis. The final stage which is also reflected in the first video but not in other video is the planning stage which shows describes the course of action that must be fulfilled after diagnosis.

The second and third video slightly elaborates the first stem when conducting the health assessment. They do not properly show how the correct way of interviewing the patient in order to examine the psychological, sociological and physical condition of the patient. The nurse does not conduct a physical examination in order to feel the spiritual condition of the patient. The fourth and fifth video slightly focuses on professional examination where the nurse uses his or her educational knowledge to examine the patient. In those videos, the nurse only interviews the patient but does not conduct scientific research to identify the patients problem although this step is very important.

I mostly support the first video, because its emphasis is on the both the first and second step in health assessment which requires the nurse to have an open interview with the patient and to use professional knowledge to identify the problem. These steps are usually very important because they allow the nurse to prepare the correct plan used when offering medication to patients. These steps also lead to a correct diagnosis of the disease. Other videos do not reflect the relationship that the nurse should develop with the patient in order to create a good treatment condition for the patient.

The second video does not show a high level of nursing professionalism because it is not easy to differentiate a nurse and the patient. The nurse does not also act professionally because she is dressed like any other person. The last video is mainly focused interview and this sometimes may not provide an accurate examination of the patient hence lead to the creation of a wrong health care plan.

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