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Nurses are necessary personnel in every hospital; so it is important to ensure there are performing their duties with high degree of care. To ensure the smooth running of activities in hospital nurse practice act is developed. Policy and procedures are outlined to nurses with an aim to focuses on the safety of the patient.  Additionally, a nurse has an obligation to patient and herself, that includes protecting her licenses and integrity as a nurse provide fit and proper services to the patient. Also, Ones scope of practices is ever evolving as one gain experience working in an area of expertise.

Nurses create the strong understanding of the strength and weakness of hospital functions and how they operate. The ability to develop backgrounds to break system is legendary in heath sectors. As the hospital, are paying attention to safety, reliability, patient care, and all these factors need to be mobilized, to achieve this effective nurses attitude matters a lot because it represented at the high level of hospital management and integrate to hospital functioning and service delivery.



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