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The conception of equitable healthcare is motivated in ensuring that equity is adhered to in regard to access, affordability, and quality of services offered by the nurse practitioners and physicians at the health institutions. The idea is to increase the probability of the desired health service outcome which is in line with the advance professional competence (Chin et al., 2012). Furthermore, regardless of ethnicity, race, and culture, it is principally driven towards ensuring regular provision of emergency care, preventive and mental health support.

Notably, the struggle in achieving equitable health care is an undertaking beyond the reach of health practitioners alone, but the national government and the global health organization bodies need to intervene in the provision of adequate resources streamlined towards the achievement of the desired health equity (Andersen, Davidson, & Baumeister, 2013).

Conceivably, the advance nurse practitioners can as well employ certain strategies within their capacity to ensure that the aspects of equity are adhered to for purposes of elevating standards and ensuring fairness to all population of different characteristics. Some of the strategies that the nurse practitioners can employ in influencing and determining the fate of the process includes the following;

First, the nurse practitioners should deploy preventive care strategy to a level that meets equity and ensuring the longevity of the lives of community members in general (Archibald, & Fraser, 2013). It can be achieved through regular vaccination of diseases, check-ups and organizing counseling session for the community members regarding various health conditions.

Secondly, they should embrace patient centeredness approach of treatment. It is an aspect that ensures respect to the needs, values, and preferences of the patient hence capable in eliminating biases which might be involved in the treatment process (Fiscella, 2011).

In conclusion, it is imperative to highlight the fact that the nurse practitioners cannot perform much in ensuring equity. It is the mandate of the national government to subsidize the cost and reform the entire health care infrastructure to make it easy for the nurse practitioners to implement and reinforce necessary strategies in achieving equity (Chin et al., 2012).


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