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Women, Work, and Illness: A Longitudinal Analysis of Workforce Participation Patterns for Women beyond Middle Age


The economic incentive and labor policies encourage the women to work hard in everything they undertake. What are some patterns that are complex in the working force of women beyond their middle age? Is the question that the study sought to examine. Nonetheless, these women display some patterns that are complex in the working force beyond their middle age. This paper investigated transitions across the paid working force of the women in their life course for 14 years. Equally, this article examined connotations between chronic diseases and work of these women. What the method uses in this study is a latent class analysis that acknowledged the middle-aged women workforce partaking patterns among 11.551 from the year 1946-1951 of Australian cohort longitudinal study. A multinomial logistics regression was used to examine associations between chronic diseases and work. The chronic illnesses identified include; arthritis, depression, and asthma. The results from this study identified; Mostly not paid work' 22.3%, gradually not paid work 11.4%, increasingly paid work 8.9%, early paid 9.4%, mostly paid work 48%. Results indicated that those women who were diagnosed with chronic diseases were likely to be grouped into less paid work. These study findings offer a clear and better appreciative of workforce participation patterns in most women's late waged life.

A Qualitative Research Study Investigating Nurses' Perceptions and Experiences of Providing Psychological Care to Burns Patients during the Recovery Phase


Injuries obtained from burns offer traumatic experience to individuals who sustain it. These burns bring an enormous strain and stress on these person's psychological state. Since some insights in improvements in burn treatment and emergency services, these survivors from burns require psychosocial adjustments to cope well with their new burnt body image. The study tried to answer the question on the perceptions of nurses and experiences they acquire from providing the victims of burn with psychological care. The method used in this study was descriptive qualitative research. Method embraced for the collection of data was open-ended semi-structured interviews. The sample size that this study used was of 6-8 registered nurses. The data analysis was undertaken using Colaizzi data analysis approach since the data was informed of taped audio. The findings were that the perceptions of the nurses should help in creating awareness of the prerequisite for psychological care that aid in the recovery period of victims that have burnt injuries. Equally, the nurses' perceptions and experiences improve quality and standard of psychological care.


Majeed, T., Forder, P., Mishra, G., & Byles, J. (2015). Women, work, and illness: A longitudinal analysis of workforce participation patterns for women beyond middle age. Journal of Women's Health, 24(6), 455-465.

Strahan, E. H., & Brown, R. J. (2005). A Qualitative Research Study Investigating Nurses Perceptions And Experiences Of Providing Psychological Care To Burns Patients During The Recovery Phase, 21(3), 160-171.


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