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According to ICN (2017), nursing is the independent and joint care of persons in spite of their age, race, ethnicity, grouping and or their state of health. It comprises health promotion, prevention of diseases and infirmity, and the care of those that are sick, disabled and dying people (Shamian, 2014). Nursing is caring for other people by showing compassion and empathy.

What roles do nurses fulfill?

Some of the key nursing roles are advocacy, promotion of a safe environment, research, participation in shaping health policy and in patient and health systems management, and education (ICN, 2017). A nurse will also play the roles of a coordinator, communicator, teacher, counselor, leader, team player, motivator, delegator, critical thinker and innovator among others. The Preservation of human dignity, patient equality and freedom from suffering forms the basis for nursing advocacy. Regularly, patients and their folks get nervous and confused. However, a composed, skilled nurse can assist them to understand and withstand the moment.

Essential characteristics that a nurse should have

The most important features of a nurse include; being tenacious, gregarious, and empathetic towards the patients they serve.


Nurses need to comprehend subjects like chemistry, anatomy, psychology, and nutrition to do their jobs well. It takes determination to learn and remember all of the information and apply it. Another nurse quoted that it was not going to be an easy experience, but it was going to be worth it.".No one who doesnt have tenacity possibly will even complete a bachelors program.


The nurses have a role in helping patients and their families get through difficult times. Nurses are supposed to show compassion towards their patients as they provide care. Christina Belle was quoted saying that the mandate of nurses is to cushion the sorrow and celebrate the joy daily while performing their duties."


Nurses interact with people who are facing difficulties in their lives over time nurses may become desensitized eventually, patients just turn into lists of symptoms and medications (Shamian, 2014). An empathetic nurse keeps in touch with patients and can help them remain optimistic and can relate to what they are going through.

What I want to achieve through nursing career

People get into the nursing profession for various reason, but my achievement will be helping the sick enjoy maximum health. My ultimate goal is to become a family nurse practitioner through which I can promote and maintain the health of various people, by being able to diagnose and treat illnesses. My main aim is to support patients physically, emotionally and psychologically level, as vital facets of patient care.

Summary of the article

Despite the field of nursing is a dynamic area, its goal even before Florence Nightingale has remained the same. The goal has been to provide patients with caring and safe environment that promotes their well-being and health. Tools such as advocacy promote a care giving environment. Nightingale as a pillar in the nursing field, applied advocacy while trying to establish the principles used in the modern nursing. The letters and various publications by Nightingale can reveal the techniques she used and professional goals she promoted. Nightingale came up with human rights based on egalitarian principles, as well as the principles of leadership that laid the foundation for the advocacy activities she was spearheading (Selanders, & Crane, 2012).


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