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In a hospital setting, emergency cases are frequent. Patient with medical emergencies requires skillful but quick services to save lives. The medical professionals attending to patients need proper coordination to provide quality services to the patients. Emergency nurses are short in supply because the nurses are ill equipped with professional skills to handle cases of an emergency (Gilardi et al.2014). However, there are opportunities for emergency nurses to join the medical team in saving lives of patients with traumatic injuries and in need for quick but quality services. The working space for emergency nurses is often stressful and fast-paced. The topic is of interest because the world is coming to the realization that nursing is a rewarding career and plays a significant role in the increasing world of emergency (Canadas-De la Fuente, et al. 2015).

It is important to understand the meaning of an emergency nurse as the world perceives. Most medical professionals understand an emergency nurse as critical care nurse and trauma nurse. Nurses hold different titles yet despite their diversities, their role in health care is important. Nurses collaborate with important medical professionals such as the paramedics and physicians to attend with medical emergency cases among the professionals (Lara-Millan, 2015).

It is possible for an observer to understand the importance of the emergency nurse in a busy medical facility. There is a wide range of roles that an emergency nurse plays in the busy hospital when the number of emergency cases is many. In the modern society, many injuries occur due to road accidents, and criminal activities. Besides, there are patients with medical conditions such as poisoning, broken bones, gunshots, and heart attack. In such emergency cases, nurses play an important role that helps save lives of many people. The nurses often interact with patients from different economic statuses, ethnic group, age, sex, and religious environment.

A medical facility needs teamwork and emotional reward educator. The physician, paramedics, and nurses need to collaborate to realize quality services in an emergency room. The working environment for the emergency nurses needs emotional reward educators to help the nurses attain emotional balance during their work. Giving a close examination of the modern healthcare explains how the topic of emergency medicine nursing is an interesting topic. It is worth to think through an implication of less equipped nurses in the healthcare. For example, considering the situation facing the nurses in the modern society one can easily imagine the future the nurses in the career (Pool et al. 2015). It is time to rethink of how to improve the working environment for nurses, to in-service the existing nurses to cope with changes in the healthcare environment.

There is chaos in a medical facility as the medical professionals attempt to deliver their duties. As a result, there is a need have a systematic way of handling conflicts in a medical facility. It is possible to characterize the working environment for nurses as and nerve-racking and emotionally rattles. For example, the nurse has to work for long hours, with the knowledge of dangers because of an exposure to pathogens and patients of different personalities. There are cases of Ebola in the modern society that kills individual upon a contact with a victim of the disease (Gilardi, et al.20140). It is apparent therefore that the nurses environment is dangerous for individuals nurses. Patients suffering from an overdose of drugs, stab wounds, and gunshots are scaring and affect the psychological mindsets of the medical professionals (Gilardi, et al.20140). Importantly, there is a need to fix issues facing the emergency nurses to transfers traits to the future nurses in the profession. The entire medical facilities need restructuring to ensure that it has the potential to cope with the changing world. Equipping emergency nurses with the latest skills for handling medical emergencies is important to step improve the situation of the health care.



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