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Pursue a nursing as a career has always been my dream from childhood. It was my conviction that such an acquisition would enable me to stand out as one of the many medical professionals around the world engaging in the alleviation of suffering of humanity. It is due to this motivation that I decided to enroll for a diploma in nursing of which I duly qualified over a two-year period. However, the desire advance personal career has created the need to acquire higher qualifications.

An unfortunate occurrence in the family occasioned the decision to acquire a diploma in nursing. It was after completing my high school when a close my younger sister was diagnosed with chronic lung problems. Living with this condition has created a lot of challenges to the family and also eroded the quality of life of the sibling. Shortness of breath often exhibited by my sister hindered her ability to carry out personal duties, enjoy hobbies, and even access basic medical care without any accompaniment. As such, I had to be present to assist her access medical care as well as attend rehabilitation programs. These experiences imparted a sense of compassion in me which grew into an aspiration to become a nurse hence the decision to acquire a diploma in the field.

I acquired a diploma in nursing in 2015 from Sebai Institute, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I score a GPA 3.94. After the completion of the program, I was a registered as a nurse with the Saudi Council of Health Services. This background has exposed me to certain experiences crucial for effective handling practical clinical challenges.

Acquiring of a diploma in nursing has not only enabled me to secure employment but also facilitated individual growth and development in matters relating to health care. Specifically, I have learned various skills in hospital settings including stress tests and therapy. During my stint at the surgical department of East Jeddah General Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the experience gained there enhanced my emotional intelligence considering that the nature of the job involves cases that one needs to have a lot of emotional attention to patients. For two years now, I have worked in the cardiology department since Jan 2016 and this period has allowed me to understand the issues relating to people who are suffering from cardiovascular problems and the care they need to live quality lives. However, due to personal ambition of I have decided to acquire a bachelors qualification.

The decision to obtain a bachelors degree was specifically motivated by changes in medical care practices. Medical practices change very fast and, for this reason, it is important to update ones skills in order perform their duties and responsibilities competently. In particular, exposure to the cardiology and stress equipment has motivated me to get more knowledge to improve my career. In addition, the experiences I have had in the mentioned departments have challenged me to acquire skills necessary to carry out management duties in the future.

On personal traits front, I am a team player, social, and hardworking person. In most of my job engagements, personal motivation has been my strength. Other background information can be availed upon request. It is my sincere hope that the selection team will consider this application.

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