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A belief-system is what determines how you think and what you feel. Your belief-system defines whether you are sad, bored, disheartened, or happy. Also, it determines your uncertainties, courage, and behaviors. As such, every person believes in something-fate, religion, destiny, gods, and ghosts among others. These beliefs make up a large part of our lives and being, while for others, their beliefs define them. One needs to examine themselves and see their belief-system at work, as mirrored in their health, success level, wellbeing, and the quality of their lives. In that capacity, your belief-system is your auto-pilot and is the root source of all the great things in life: money, relationships, conflict, surprises, and other adverse situations.

Human beings have numerous amazing phenomenon. For instance, change is always constant and even the person we were last week is different from whom we are today, and in the same breath, we will be different tomorrow. Growing up from a Christian background, I spent a lot of time knowing certain things. I like to believe that there is right and wrong. In my experience, my belief-system has been, and is, like the shell of a snail. Without its shell, a snail would be prone to attack from predators, mechanical damage, and dehydration. Just like the shell, our belief-systems give us direction and protection when necessary. However, a time comes when the snail has to come out of its shell depending on the environment. A land snail particularly comes out of its shell when the conditions are warm and moist to enable it to glide along surfaces. At that time, the shell has no role of being life-giving. Another beneficial role of the shell is to become something that the snail has to struggle against, giving the snail life and meaning.

Similarly, the struggle of coming out of the shell of our beliefs enables us to define ourselves and helps us to move forward. Though our new ideas provide room for us to grow when we initially come out of the shell, it is ideally humbling and freeing to think that even these new beliefs and values will one day be outgrown. Keeping this in mind will prevent us from judging the beliefs of other people - reminding us that every individuals belief is unique to them and no ones beliefs are superior to any other. They are solely a preference that may deem fit at this time. That we from time to time create, circumstances that are agonizing does not mean we are evil or imprudent. It means that we are entirely at liberty to explore while we go on the drive of recalling who we truly are.

Obviously, having a solid belief in something will drive you to act in a particular way and hence the fact that every individual believes in something. As an individual, I feel that within me are endless possibilities. I feel that within me are ideas that the world is yet to explore. I believe that within me are innovations that will transform the world. I believe in self-reliance. I love to reflect on myself as an individual and not to focus on or judge the actions of others. I believe in individualism, and so while people put all the devotion in different aspects of life, I devote my entirety to self-improvement.

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