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There has been increased polarized politics in America as a result of dynamism regarding culture and religion. The changes have been brought about by the dramatic changes and rise regarding the ethnic diversity and the racial differences. The changes in culture impacts on the people's moral values and the religious believe. Ethnic backgrounds and religion have been very significant in the society because they provide an avenue for understanding how a particular community performance regarding racism realism and religious distinction (Bowman et. al 22).

Formulaism refers to the doctrine or practice of strictly adhering to the external forms which include the region and art. According to the forumaism idea, the reality of modern American life has been majorly conferred in the human right and privilege. According to Professor Huston, individuals who might be having racial power may not want to overcome the racial discrimination. In many societies all over the world, the political leaders may not want to overcome racial discrimination as they use this to exercise their political powers in the society. Formulaism understands that there are no natural rights in the society (Park 56). It is through the formulaism that people have the rights which are granted to them only by the state. After the large-scale immigration that took place in the Latin America, the ethnic and racial makeup in the United States of America has been undergoing major transformation since the year 1960s. Many people view the move as a democratic shift that influences the overall life of the American people.

Formulaism has a diverse impact in the American setting. For instance, the ethnic and racial diversity impacts majorly on the voting process. Since time immemorial, people have been voting based on their racial affiliations. In the year 1990, a racial divide between the Republican and Democrat supporters was witnessed. Since that period, electoral coalitions has dramatically increased. Furthermore, the formulaism has also led to a wide enfranchisement of the voters in the American society. Those who have been supporting the Republican or Democrat parties have been going through major shifts in the American culture. They are culturally known to be white people, and this is felt during the campaign moods in the country. Politically, the significance of rising racial diversity has been reflecting the progress in racial relations for quite a length of time. This shows that American society is still divided by race and religion. Therefore, the American society is known to be unequal and segregated society due to the build of racial discrimination and religious alienations (Bowman et. al 67). Significantly, it has affected the health and the education status of the American people. Currently, there is poor school system in the country, and many people have not been able to acquire quality health. Furthermore, research shows that African Americans and the Latinos have continued to experience poor health status since they are discriminated. They are majorly subjected to inferior housing, low incomes and are also faced with higher unemployment in the country.

Furthermore, because of the hostility and prejudice in the American setting as brought about by the formulaism, many people are unable to conduct their economic activities peacefully. The behavior of the Americans have significantly changed, and this provides unequal opportunities regarding economic opportunities available in the country. Regarding the American economic performance, the country has been majorly impacted by the racial and religious discrimination that has taken place. Equality and solidarity have been an issue championed by many people in the country. The formulae which were adopted by the human rights fighters to address the challenge has shifted towards the idea of racial discrimination. In the wake of the racial changes, the country has witnessed major issues relating to the interracial differences. It is known that the sense of originality came from different communities that depended on the religion as a basis of advocating for their rights (Park 89). Ideally, it was not a product of the exploitation and majority of the people exclusively conducted themselves based on the religion and the racial affiliations. That also resulted in the mistrust among the people who were living in the southern part of America. They view each other with suspicion and with pragmatic concerns (Park 91).Therefore, the fundamental aim of building the society was significantly enhanced by the peoples ability to champion for their rights based on their economic and spiritual orientation.

Research shows that religious involvement is of great significance because it provides a mental and physical conditions of the society. Some people believe that the frequency of attending a religious denomination now and then results in better mental health and also the physical functioning of a particular individual. Furthermore, the ethnic and social support if of great significance and can justify an individuals relations between religion and the support of health issues by varied people.

Furthermore, ethnicity and religion have been significantly known to be a moderator and mediator of various associations. Religious studies show that there have been negative impacts on the racial discriminations and religious alienations from different perspectives. Since time immemorial, the administration of health services has been subjective, and the whites have majorly been benefiting from quality health services compared to the blacks in the same society. Further historical research shows that the frequency of church attendance specifically has an impact on satisfaction among different groups. The results show that when one engages in frequent church attendance, there is a possibility of life satisfaction among such individuals.

The formulaism shows church-based social support is necessary for the improvement of human life. It is known that social interactions are possible when one engages himself or herself in different social and religious groups. The formulaism issue attributes that the religious participation among different individuals is of great significance because it provides an equal opportunity to such individuals to undertake a group participation in the religious undertakings. Significantly, with such undertakings, the individual will be in the position to provide guiding solutions principles on how to relate with the others in the society.

Formula is an important idea that provides significant knowledge on how people should relate to the society. It explains that for the society to prosper, it should be in the position to engage in grouping themselves for religious activities and the social undertakings as well. The formulaism bases its arguments by how the society views the religious groups and the social stratification (Jackson 45). Furthermore, when people in the society engages in social interactions, they will be in the position to discuss the issues affecting them and provide solutions towards such matters. Therefore, the society will also be in the position to ensure that its members live in harmony and be in peace with each other. Religious worship among various communities is essential in that it acts as a civic functioning and facilitates the continued support towards the realization of democracy and formation of a united society.

In America, there has been diverse spiritual and religious occurrence, and this shows that the American society provides quite significant opinion towards the achievement of social integration among the members of the community. It is also known that religious identity has been brought about by the adoption of the formulaism idea in the society and understanding that a united society is paramount with regards to the economic and social prosperity (Jackson 47). Moreover, the incorporation of the ethnic and social orientations among the individual social groups in the society provides a good ground for ensuring that the divergent views of people have considered when undertaking a varied analysis of the social and religious conformity of the people living in a particular society.

Conclusively, the formulaism is an important concept that provides a way of how people in the society should contact themselves with regards to the social interactions and religious participation. It is a significant way of ensuring that the society provides equal opportunities to its members regardless of the race and the religious backgrounds. Through the formulaism, people would be in the position to address the challenges of racial discrimination which has been an issue in various societies (Jackson 78). Furthermore, through the formulaism people would be in the position to respect the religious denominations of the other people who live in the society. Therefore, various issues that have been affecting the society can be addressed through the adoption of formulaism as it advocates for equal justice among those who live in a particular society.

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