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Accommodation can be defined as a building, a room or a collection of rooms in which a person may have the residence, live or stay. It could also be termed as a favorable arrangement for settlement. Bed and breakfast accommodation is a form of accommodation in which breakfast is provided to the client in addition to the use of the bed in the room provided. In many occasions, bathrooms may be shared and other amenities like the kitchen and other public areas of the house. In this type of accommodation, the owner of the house lives there (Hall & Rusher, 2013).

Backpacker hostel is a hostel that is aimed at reaching travelers and is generally budgeting friendly; they commonly attract the younger clientele. Bedrooms and bathing rooms are shared as much in some scenarios private rooms can be provided according to the needs of the client. Light meals may also be provided at the expense of the needs of the customer.

The boutique hotel is a 5-star household that provides all the facilities of a standard hotel whereas its features are also captured in a distinct style. Services provided herein are of high standards even though the nature of the property is small (Martin, 2013). Guesthouses are types of accommodation in which all meals are catered for, and the public areas of the premises are entirely for the use of the guest, and the owner of the property lives offsite. Normally the services offered are far much better than those of bed and breakfast establishment.

Hotels, this is a form of accommodation in which a wide range of guest services are offered, they have a reception, and the rooms are usually open in the hallway. Lodging is a type of accommodation in which the facilities are designed in a manner to feel their closeness to nature. They are common in tourist resorts. Private homes are usually dedicated to a guest who intends to rent a private house for use that is temporarily available for renting. Resorts are similar to hotels its only that they provide some services whereas self-catering is a form of accommodation in which a premise has a fully equipped kitchen to cater for the number of people the facility is accommodating, the kitchen is not shared, and it's only for the use of guests (Hoogendoorn et al., 2015).



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