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Characterization is the artistic representation of a person in a narrative or a dramatic work of art by an author of the narrative with the intentions of relaying a particular message, behavior or theme within the narrative to the reader. From the process of characterization, we get a character. This is a person but can also be other being in a narrative that can either be a fictional or can be based on a real-life person away from the narrative. There are different types of characters which readers may encounter while reading a novel these include, confident character, dynamic character, round character, foil character, flat character, antagonist character, protagonist character, static character and stock character.

An antagonist character is a character whose role in the enter novel is to antagonize other characters he or she is not nice to anyone at all. A protagonist character is the opposite of the antagonist character and happens to be the good character throughout the novel. A round character is a character who a character who portrays contradictory roles within a novel, while a static character remains primarily the same from the beginning of the novel to the end. A flat character is a character in the novel which reveals only a single or two traits within the novel and does not change by any chance. A stock character, on the other hand, is a special kind of a flat character who is instantly recognized by the readers. Dynamic characters are those characters who undergo different change during the course of the narrative or the novel and in most cases, they are referred to as the developing characters. A foil character are those characters in a narrative that are used to enhance the other characters within the novel by contrast between the two. The main importance of the characters in any story its to drive the storyline of the entire narrative the involved different character types create tension and conflicts among themselves which keeps the reader craving to know more. My three favorite characters of all time include Bruce Wayne from the Batman collection, John Snow from Game of Thrones and Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean. My favorite moment is from Game of Thrones the scene that involves John Snow in the battle of the bastards. He portrays true leadership skills and love for his family.

From the novel, we are introduced to the character Hackman who is a teacher in the school. His character is more of a foil character since he is used to portraying a contrast of another character. The narrator compares Hackman's work and he is worried if he has to operate in the same manner (Braithwaite, 2013). From the chapter, the narrator asks himself what kind of a fellow is Hackman who could stand such behavior from the student indirectly comparing himself with him and creating the mental picture to the reader that for him he cannot condone such behavior. The same character also raises different feeling to the reader. I feel irritated by Hackman's character. How he manages his class is below the expectations of a teacher. A teacher is supposed to take charge of their class and not let the class run wild. He also evokes feeling of laziness; he acts as if its not his responsibility to ensure the class is orderly but indirectly this appears to me as laziness.

It is important to have male teachers in a school due to a number of different reasons; these include the fact that children need to be taught by a range of different people both male and female since the school is structured to reflect the real world in general. Also teaching young people by just the female gender, they may end up associating education with the female gender which interferes with the gender balance. This also leads to the study that all professions need a gender-balanced workforce including teaching.

My views towards the teachers in Greenslade Secondary is that they have given way too much freedom to the students which have resulted in the loss of control over the students. They should implement internal policies to regain control over their students. There are different qualities that define a food teacher and these includes; a friendly teacher, this character enables the teacher to relate with the students easily hence makes it easier for the students to communicate with the teacher. The next quality is good communication skills. A teacher is constantly communicating with their students hence good communication skills means perfect interactions between the teacher and the students.



Braithwaite, E. R. (2013). To sir with love. Random House.


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